Guide to Gambia kiteboarding holidays

May 28, 2013 BY AWE365 Team

A Gambia kitesurf holiday will take you to a location that not many people have surfed before. Temperatures in Gambia are normally between 25 and 30 degrees all year round and there is no set season for kitesurfing as the winds are thermal sea breezes.

Gambia Wakeboarding Wikimedia Commons image by Ji-Elle

Based upon historic wind strengths you are best to look at any time between February and May. Outside of these months you will get less than 20% chance of days with force 4 winds (16mph) upwards. Bring your 12 and 14m kites as these will probably serve you best.

There is really only one location to head to for a Gambia kitesurfing holiday and that is on Kotu beach. Kotu beach or Kotu point is situated in the middle of the small Gambia coastline, near to Serrekunda west of the most popular resort of Banjul. It is suitable mainly for the more experience riders due to its west facing coastline in the Atlantic. Conditions are normally choppy with some wind swell and further out some waves of a good height. Be mindful of the strong currents here though. It is this which makes it an intermediate to expert location.

Gambia is a good location for a family and a couple’s trip. It is quite small and the people here are very friendly. If you want a little bit of peace and tranquillity then look for a hotel on the coast and then head in to the town for more vibrancy.

Due to the size of Gambia you are quite restricted with resorts and locations to stay. Most are situated in and around Banjul. Palm Grove Hotel is located directly on the beach and makes for a good base. With many of the main tour operators organising holidays here you might be better to speak to them for accommodation and flights. Flights go direct to the main Gambia International airport and with it being only 6 hours from Europe are worth the trip to check out a new and different location.

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