Guide to Fuerteventura kitesurfing holidays on a budget

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The Canary Islands are a windy sub-tropical archipelago that lie in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of the African nation of Morocco. They are perfect for kitesurfers. In this guide to Fuerteventura kitesurfing holidays on a budget we look at how to save money in this top kite destination.

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Guide to Fuerteventura kitesurfing holidays

During the Northern hemisphere summer, Fuerteventura is pounded by strong winds. While most of mainland Europe is suffering from summer wind doldrums, this island is a windy hotspot.

While wind can never be guaranteed, there is a very high chance that you will score out here during the summer. The waves are smaller during this season, but there is almost always something to slash.

During the winter season the wind is less reliable but there are still plenty of brilliant days. Also, larger and more powerful ground swells from the North Atlantic Ocean hit the island, making for some serious surfing and kitesurfing.

And did we mention the weather is nice year round? There is barely any rain, the average Fuerteventura temperature is 18 to 25 degrees Celsius and even the water is 17 to 24.

Fuerteventura kitesurfing holidays on a budget

If you fancy some of this action, here’s how to do it on a budget.

Guide to Fuerteventura kitesurfing holidays on a budget Flickr CC image of Corralejo by

Most people want vacations that aren’t going to break the bank. Anyone can throw down 100 Euros and pay for a night in a fancy hotel. Multiply that cost by 2 weeks and you’re wallet is left hurting. Here are a few tips that might get you thinking about how to stay longer – for less.

Cheaper flights

God bless discount European airlines such as Ryanair and Easyjet. The key to a low fare with these companies is to book more in advance and keep an eye on their deals. With any luck and during off-peak tourist seasons, you can score ridiculously low fares to go kitesurf Fuerteventura.

Also flying a day or two earlier or a week later can save you a fortune. So use the ‘whole month’ search option on Skyscanner to find the cheapest flights and compare different airlines.

Pack light

Excess baggage fees are where the discount airlines will sting you. Pack light and then get rid of half of the baggage you want to take. Think back to prior holiday: how often did you use everything that you took?

Plus, if you forget a small item like a razor, you can always buy one there. If you ain’t got nothin’, you got nothin’ to lose. Travel light once and you’ll never go back.

Guide to Fuerteventura kitesurfing holidays on a budget Flickr CC image of Corralejo by

If you’re riding a twin tip board, get a golf bag and you will probably avoid the ridiculous board fees. If you’re into surfing, consider buying a beater board on the islands and then selling when you leave.

There are also plenty of places to rent kite gear in Fuerteventura. Look at the costs and figure out if you will save money by not taking your own gear. As a bonus you can usually chop and change with most rental places, so if you want a twin tip one day and strapless surfboard the next no problem

Guide to Fuerteventura kitesurfing holidays: Accommodation

During peak months, most accommodation is jam-packed and the prices are inflated to double those of off-season.

Not only is this a major bummer, but also the beaches and tourist attractions are overrun and crawling with people. Traffic is heavy and you just may wish that you had never left home. Instead go a few weeks before or after the big rush.

You’ll save cash and stress. Plus, you can haggle for lower accommodation prices. Look for a hotel that offers free breakfast and then make sandwiches and fruit with you for lunch. Also consider camping – it’s cheap, social and the weather is nearly always nice.

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Rental car

It is possible to get by without a rental car. However, if you want to explore some different spots, a rental car certainly helps. Another benefit of going during shoulder seasons will be lower car rental prices.

Get a small car; you don’t need an American fuel pig. If you’re super thrifty, a rental car can double as a hotel. I don’t recommend this for everyone, but it’s a cheap alternative. In that case, it may be worth paying more to get a bigger car. If you’re hoping to sleep in your vehicle, test out how flat the front seats fold back.

Fuerteventura kitesurfing holidays on a budget: Food

Sure, you’re on holiday but it’s not necessary to spend big bucks in order to get fine cuisine. My biggest complaint about higher end restaurants is that they give you less food and charge you more. Eating out is more about experience, than price.

Find a local place by asking around. Go to the cafe or restaurant that has the most locals eating in it and look out for Menu del Dia (Menu of the day). This often costs around €10 for three courses – you don’t get to choose the dishes but you do get to try local Spanish cuisine.

Saving 20 Euros per meal quickly adds up! Buy beer at the market and drink it on the beach, rather than at bars.

Guide to Fuerteventura kitesurfing holidays on a budget Flickr CC image of Cotillo by Leon Wilson

Guide to Fuerteventura kitesurfing

Wondering where to ride on your next Fuerteventura kitesurf adventure? Check out the Corralejo area in the north of the island. Flag Beach here is well known and a top destination with great kiteschool. Plus there are other great beaches nearby.

If you’re into wave riding, your region will be the west coast and Cotillo.

Sotavento in the south of Fuerteventura is another great destination for Fuerteventura kitesurfing holidays on a budget. The beach is huge and uncrowded. There are a few laid-back beach bars and a few sunbathers. But it’s nothing like the busy holiday beaches found elsewhere in the Canary Islands.

The best thing about kitesurfing trips is that once you’re there, your main attraction is free! Think of other people throwing down on museums, tours, booze and leisure activities.

You’re out on the ocean having ten times the fun and spending one tenth of the cash. Remember that the best kite sessions are those shared with friends. The most important decision that you will have to make about your next kite trip is who to invite.

We hope you found this guide to Fuerteventura kitesurfing holidays on a budget useful and interesting. Check out out kitesurfing discounts and you could save even more.

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