Guide to France windsurfing holidays

Jan 25, 2016 BY AWE365 Team

France has some of the best windsurfing in Europe with a multitude of beaches and resorts providing great facilities and awesome wind conditions. With two very distinct coastlines – The Atlantic and the Mediterranean – offering very different conditions for France windsurfing holidays.

France Windsurfing Wikimedia Commons by Hugo2504

France windsurfing holidays: Atlantic Coast

North-West France is best for winter windsurfing when low pressure causes strong winds and waves along the coast. Among the destinations that benefit from these winds are Wissant near Calais and Crozon near Brest.

A little further South is La Torche which offers perhaps the best windsurfing in France. Further down the Atlantic coast Biarritz near the Spanish border which is especially popular year round and great for wave windsurfing.

France windsurfing holidays: Mediterranean

Corsica offers great windsurfing from May to October, especially off the coast of the Southern old town of Bonifacia. The shallow water here makes it great for beginners and families alike, although the unreliability of the winds may put off more experienced windsurfers.

On the Mediterranean coast Gruissan and Leucate, both south of Beziers are good for summer France windsurfing holidays and have strong Tramontane winds as well as sheltered lagoons with waist deep water, making them perfect for those new to the sport to build up confidence.

The best destinations in the Med are located to the West of the St Tropez peninsula although occasionally good wind conditions around Nice prevail. Also consider Argeles Sur Mer near the Spanish border which receives both the Tramontane and Marin winds and has various places to windsurf from harbour to shallows.

Gruissan and Leucate are the premier France windsurfing destination on the Med. Each year the Défi Wind Race attracts 800+ windsurfers from around the world race over a 15km course in Gruissan. The other draw to this area is the Mondial du Vent Festival, in Leucate, which brings in 160,000 windsurfing enthusiasts every year to watch the professionals in action.

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