Guide to Europe rafting holidays: European whitewater

Jun 25, 2017 BY AWE365 Team

There are plenty of possibilities for Europe rafting holidays. With a whole continent to explore, one that is crossed with mountain ranges and rivers, the problem you’ll have is choosing which European whitewater to explore, rather then finding somewhere to raft!

guide to Europe Rafting holidays Flickr image by Erik Østlie

Central Europe rafting holidays

The Alps is the obvious go-to destination for whitewater rafters in Europe. It has the highest mountains and some of the most famous rivers. In the summer many ski resorts offer rafting, in fact pretty much anywhere you go in the Alps from Austria to Italy and Switzerland to France there is rafting within an hour.

In France, Chamonix and the Paradiski resorts of Les Arcs, Peisey Vallandry and La Plagne have rafting on their doorstep. The River Dranse, which runs from Morzine down to Lake Geneva, is a particular favourite, with rapids up to Class 5. But from the northern to the southern French Alps and down in the Pyrenees there is rafting within reach.

Rafting the Aosta Valley in Italy offers some of the best European whitewater on the Dora river. In the Tirol region of Austria, the river Inn offers rafting and runs through Innsbruck. In Switzerland Interlaken is the place to go with a variety of whitewater options for great Europe rafting holidays.

Eastern European whitewater

Further east, you’ll find good rafting on many smaller mountain ranges. Tara gorge is often considered the grand Canyon of Europe, there is excellent rafting running through Bosnia and into Macedonia. You can read a review of Tara Canyon whitewater rafting from one of our team.

Guide to Europe rating holidays Tara Canyon whitewater rafting in Bosnia Image courtesy of Drina-Tara Rafting Centre

Slovenia is a popular and interesting destination, with rafting for everyone from beginners to experts on emerald rivers such as the Soca. Croatia’s Dobra River has made a bit of a name for itself too, with some difficult rapids in a stunning setting.

Northern Europe rafting holidays

Another option is to head north. Scotland’s mountains might not be quite as tall as those further south, but they offer plenty of rafting possibilities. Rivers including the Tay and the Tummel offer some thrilling rafting, with some tough technical sections and gentler drops for beginners.

Further north still, try the River Jolster in Norway. It has plenty of long, tough rapids that will challenge experts, as well as beginners sections. And it runs through some of the most stunning mountain country you’ll find anywhere in Europe.

In Sweden you can build your own timber raft and spend three to five days floating through the wilderness. This is not a destination with serious rapids, but would make a great family holiday or team building adventure.

Europe rafting holidays are a fantastic way to experience the continent’s mountains and have fun! Whatever your rafting experience, you’ll find white water to keep you entertained throughout Europe.

We hope you found this brief guide to Europe rafting holidays useful. If you want to find yourself some European whitewater then check out our worldwide rafting discounts as you could save a fortune.


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