Guide to Egyptian windsurfing: 10 best windsurf spots in Egypt

Jun 14, 2018 BY AWE365 Team

With all year round good weather and beautiful beaches, isn’t it about time that you check out the Egyptian windsurfing scene? With a wealth of options, deciding where to go is tough. For inspiration, check out this guide to the 10 best windsurf spots in Egypt.

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Why windsurf in Egypt?

Egypt’s Red Sea is well known for its underwater sports, and rightly so. However, the Egyptian windsurfing scene is is also a big deal. It is easy to see why, with consistent wind, beautiful weather and stunning beaches.

There is also all types of windsurfing on offer. With both easy lagoon windsurfing for beginners, flat water for speed and freestyle plus challenging off-shore waves for the more experienced. Whichever camp you fall in to, this is your guide to the best windsurf spots in Egypt.

Egypt is an incredible country steeped in history. When not in the water you can experience the wonders of the Pyramids or visit the many temples Or if you are in the mood to party, check out the lively bars and nightclubs.

Egyptian Windsurfing – Travel advice

At this point we have to address the elephant in the room… Egypt has been through some turbulent political times recently and, according to the FCO, has a heightened risk of terrorism. The situation is improving all the time, but before travelling it is best to seek advice from the FCO website.

10 best windsurf spots in Egypt

You’ve decided to visit Egypt. Great decision now you just need to decide where to go:


Once the preserve of backpackers and hippies, Dahab was bound to change. It and now combines its famed laid-back vibe with some upscale resort hotels and a thriving watersports scene.

Its shallow, sheltered lagoon is fantastic for beginners who want to try out windsurfing safely. Intermediates can venture further out into the bay for safe, flat waters with faster winds, while the advanced can test their skills on the open sea, where waves swell up to 3m.

Dahab - Egyptian windsurfing - Flickr CC image by Igor Klisov


Hurghada is one of the biggest of the Red Sea resorts with plenty of top-quality hotels right on the beach. It attracts a mix of sunbathers, scuba divers, kitesurfers and windsurfers. It is one of the best windsurf spots in Egypt if you want the full holiday package.

It’s one of the best windsurf spots for beginners, with a large lagoon offering an easy introduction to the sport. It has several kilometres of coast for advanced windsurfers to explore. But beware as winds are strongest in the summer months, reaching up to 25 knots.

Ras Sudr

A gem of an Egyptian windsurfing destination and a favourite with those in the know. Ras Sudr is uncrowded, undiscovered (yet) by the major tour operators, and has windsurfing conditions to suit all.

There is a nice, shallow lagoon with gentle breezes for beginners, and a strong, reliable cross-shore wind to keep intermediate and advanced windsurfers happy. After dark, you can swap stories with fellow surfers in the resort’s chilled-out beach bars.


Probably the best known of all the Egyptian resorts, Sharm is world-renowned as a diving destination. But it is also one of the best windsurfing spots in Egypt.

There are several different beaches, so you should be able to find both flat water and waves. If you want to combine windsurfing in Egypt with other activities, Sharm is a good choice. There is a great nightlife and lots of day trips on offer.

It is worth noting, that as I write this, it is not possible to fly directly in or out to Sharm-el-Sheikh airport from the UK.  Although possible indirectly via Cairo. Keep up to date on restrictions and FCO travel advice.

Sharm_El_Sheikh one of the best windsurf spots in Egypt - Egyptian windsurfing - wikimedia CC image by Vlad Shtelts (Stelz)

El Tur

El Tur is one of the best windsurf spots in Egypt. It has developed a solid reputation on the Egyptian windsurfing and kitesurfing scene. The reason? Wind. And plenty of it!

It’s a great place for the more experienced. With a good two meter swell just off the main beach area it offers good jumping conditions.

A few minutes down the coast you will find a good reef break and a sand spit break that produce waves up to four meters. Beginners won’t be disappointed either, with a nice flat area in the main bay. El Tur is a good choice if you dislike the big resort atmosphere as most visitors come for the wind and waves.


Safaga has a large beach and plenty of space on its flat-water lagoon for beginners to get acquainted with their sails. It is probably one of the best windsurf spots in Egypt for newbies, with reliable but gentle winds and no worries about having to share the lagoon with swimmers and kitesurfers.

Intermediate and advanced windsurfers will find some good slalom and freestyle conditions plus some swell outside the bay. Safaga is a good choice for mixed-ability groups. It’s a small resort with only a handful of hotels and a traditional Egyptian town away from the beach.

Marsa Alam

A small but quickly developing resort: catch it now before it catches on! It’s popular with holidaymakers of all flavours, including a growing band of windsurfers, who love both the conditions and the friendly, close-knit atmosphere.

The resort has a strong, reliable wind that offers some of the fastest windsurfing in the country. Intermediate and advanced windsurfers will love Marsa Alam, and beginners will find the large lagoon a good place to learn too.

What really makes the resort special is its wildlife. You could find yourself dolphin spotting from your board, and turtle spotting when you get back to the beach.

Egyptian Windsurfing - pixabay CC image by dimitrisvetsikas 1969

Soma Bay

This is a fairly new resort, which provides great conditions for windsurfers of all levels. Soma Bay is stunning, with it’s azure sea and white sand.

There are two bays separated by a sand spit, both with the flat water that beginners and freestylers love. The more advanced can head out of the bay to find some decent sized waves.

Makadi Bay

Makadi Bay is a relaxed resort, which offers plenty for both windsurfers and non-windsurfers. It is good for beginners in particular, who can enjoy Egyptian windsurfing in uncrowded waters. Intermediates will find they’re able to build up a nice bit of speed, uninterrupted.

The more advanced might find the resort doesn’t stretch their imagination enough. But for the less experienced and for families wanting to learn together, it could be perfect. There isn’t much in the way of nightlife, but that suits those who choose to stay there.

El Gouna

A unique, purpose-built resort made up of a series of interlinked islands that’s a permanent home for an international community of 10,000. It is one of Egypt’s most attractive and unusual holiday destinations, a self-sufficient town that aims to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

El Gouna makes for the perfect getaway from the rat race, and a wonderful place to enjoy Egyptian windsurfing. There is a reliable cross-shore wind which should keep the more advanced happy, and a nice shallow lagoon area for beginners to get their sea legs.

There is a good, but not raucous, nightlife with plenty of bars and restaurants. And just about any other activity you can imagine is available either in the town or close by. As far as a resort goes, El Gouna is hard to beat in this list of the best windsurf spots in Egypt.

I hope our article on the best windsurfing spots in Egypt has been informative for you. Egypt is a wonderful place with a thriving windsurfing scene, but please check FCO travel advice before booking your trip. And check out our egypt discounts as you could save a fortune.


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