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Dec 22, 2013 BY AWE365 Team

Egypt is a favourite holiday destination of sun-worshippers and scuba divers. But its big desert vistas and glistening coasts make it a great place to see from on high. Egypt’s paragliding infrastructure is still developing, making this an exciting time to get over there and get flying.

Egypt Paragliding Flickr image by jonoakley

An Egypt paragliding holiday is usually easiest to organise from one of the country’s coastal holiday resorts. Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada and other Red Sea resorts have plenty of accommodation, nightlife and transport links and, of course, operators able to take you paragliding! If you fancy trying your hand at windsurfing while you’re there, look at Dahab.

Egypt’s coastline quickly gives way to seemingly endless desert plains. But these aren’t flat deserts – mountain ranges climb from them, making a perfect paragliding landscape. Paragliding was heavily restricted in Egypt until very recently, but times are changing, and it’s now possible to take a trip out to the desert ridges and fly. Many paragliders would love to fly from the famous slopes of Mount Sinai, but it’s off-limits for now and not safe to travel to. We’d recommend getting local advice before you head out into the desert alone anywhere in Egypt, or book an organised trip.

Coastal paragliding trips near the resorts are fun, even if not quite as spectacular as desert flights. You’ll never forget the Red Sea glittering below as you fly in to land, with the desert stretching behind you!

An Egypt paragliding trip is definitely one to remember. It is an extraordinary country, with some incredible views to be seen and some big flights to be had. And it’s only likely to get better as more sites open up. Get there, and get flying.

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  1. I tried paragliding once in Bali then I’m really interested 2 know more about it & how 2 start learning ..

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