Guide to Dominican Republic kiteboarding holidays

Jan 15, 2014 BY AWE365 Team

A Dominican Republic Kitesurfing holiday will take you to the World kitesurfing capital of Cabarete. With year round trade winds you will find yourself on the water 80% of the time and the temperature rarely drops below 25 degrees giving glorious conditions. The year round warm temperature also gives the island its thermal winds so by 2pm you will be riding 9 meter kites, and when the trade winds mix with the thermals it creates the legendary conditions.

Dominican Republic Kiteboarding Flickr image by Swell Surf Camp

Approximately 100 meters off shore are the reefs which protect the Cabarete coastline and provide world class wave riding. Inside the reef you will find flat water and perfect conditions for all rider abilities.

The Cabarete Kite beach can get quite busy so do not forget the other kite spots on the island where you will find yourself in acres of space to play particularly if you head east around the coast from Cabarete. The El Portillo beach is worth taking a look and the likes of World Champion Aaron Hadlow have used this spot for some of his kitesurfing films.

The further east you go from Cabarete you will find some more tranquil and relaxed hotels to unwind in after being on the water. If you are wanting to be involved in the kite scene from the moment you get to your resort to the last, then there are hotels all along Kite beach. With plenty of bars and cafés available, the option of room only is worth looking at for your accommodation to keep prices down.

Puerto Plata airport is the closest to Cabarete and you will be able to get taxis outside the airport to take you to your destination. These can be quite cheap, but the drivers always start quite high as if to give you a challenge so be sure to haggle them down! Dominican Republic is situated in the Caribbean which means you are going to be in for some good lively entertainment, known locally as liming.

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