Guide to Denmark hiking holidays and Danish trekking trails

Jul 04, 2017 BY Luke Rees

With a scenic coastline and over 400 islands to explore, but a maximum elevation of just 171 meters, Denmark hiking holidays are gentle on the soles yet nourishing for the soul. As a largely flat affair, Danish trekking trails tend to be fairly easy, but the coastal beauty and friendly locals makes them highly rewarding.

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Just to be clear, this guide to Denmark hiking holidays is about the main country not the outlying Danish territories. If you like altitude, wild wilderness, rugged mountain scenery or the challenge of reaching the top of a peak, then head to the Faroe Islands or Greenland, which are part of Denmark but not part of this article.

Guide to Denmark hiking holidays

Whether you’re on the Danish mainland or one of the islands the walking conditions are similar. Much of the country is picturesque arable land which is particularly beautiful where it meets the sea.

There’s also extensive forests. Much of which is well managed by forestry groups and is criss crossed with established Danish trekking trails. This makes things fairly easy for hikers to head off on their own and solo walking tends not to be a problem.

Visit Bornhom on Denmark hiking holidays and Danish trekking trails Flickr CC image by Kamil Porembinski

In Denmark there is something called ‘All Man’s Right’ which gives walking access to all coastline and most of the woodland even if it is privately owned. Unfortunately this does not give you the right to wild camp, which in all but a few designated areas is illegal.

However, Denmark has a plethora of great camp sites. So you won’t be short on a place to put up your tent and grab a well needed shower. Also there are plenty of guest houses, hostels and hotels if you prefer a little more luxury after as long day hiking in Denmark.

Danish trekking trails

Given its relatively small size and fairly high population density, Denmark hiking holidays do not offer trekking expeditions into the wild. That said there are plenty of options for multi day hiking in Denmark.

Visit Zealand on Denmark hiking holidays and Danish trekking trails Flickr CC image by Nelson Lourenço

Popular multi-day hikes include walking the coast of Funen or Zealand islands, which have brilliantly varied shores with spectacular cliffs and stunning beaches. Both islands are quite urbanised so you’ll never be far from a resting spot or place to stay the night.

At around 175km long the Camonoen trail around Mon, Nyord and Bogo is part of the Sjællandsleden trail that stretches across the island of Zealand. The 100m high limestone cliffs at Mons Klint make it one of the most popular options for Denmark hiking holidays.

The seven stage 220km long Ohavsstien route in Southern Funen is also one of the most popular Danish trekking trails. Never far from the sea it passes through poppy fields, close to castles and through country estates making it great if you like a spot of culture while hiking.

Visit Bornhom on Denmark hiking holidays and Danish trekking trails Flickr CC image by Janus Sandsgaard

The 120km circuit of Bornholm Island is also popular. It’s an island in the Baltic Sea that’s closer to Sweden, Poland and Germany than the rest of Denmark. That said it offers some of the best Danish trekking trails through unspoilt nature. Expect cliffs, fishing villages, sandy beaches and is one of the best places to experience Danish hygge.

If you like hikes that take you places it’s possible to walk across to the two main islands from the mainland from the second city of Aarhus to the capital Copenhagen. You could extend this by walking across to Malmo in Sweden to Copenhagen and then into Germany via Abenra.

Another great hike would be from Skagen on the far northern tip of Jutland down the Danish peninsula to the German border over 500km away. Following the west coast, there are national parks, stunning beaches, interesting towns, fjords, forests and wetlands to explore.

Visit Jutland on Denmark hiking holidays and Danish trekking trails Flickr CC image by Eric Gross

So while Denmark hiking holidays may not offer raw and rugged mountain trails, vast untouched wilderness, or spectacular peaks to summit. They are rewarding, fairly easy and offer good variety. And if you want something more extreme, head to the Danish territories of Greenland or the Faroe Islands.

We hope you found this guide to hiking in Denmark useful. Be sure to check out our hiking holiday discounts as you could save a fortune.

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