Guide to Dakhla surfing holidays

Sep 15, 2014 BY AWE365 Team

Stuck out to sea on a narrow spit, Dakhla is the perfect place to indulge in just about any water sport… surfing included. Check out this guide to Dakhla surfing holidays in Morocco /Western Sahara to decide if it is the right spot for you.

Dakhla lies in the disputed Western Sahara region (see below for more info), where the world’s greatest desert meets one of its greatest oceans. Take a Dakhla surfing holiday and you’ll have plenty to discover.

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Guide to Dakhla surfing holidays

Dakhla is easier to get to and easier to explore than many of Morocco’s other Saharan surf destinations. The town lies just above the Tropic of Cancer, making it comfortably warm all year round. On the eastern side of the town is a calm lagoon favoured for windsurfing and Dakhla kitesurfing trips. Surfers head for the open ocean on the western side.

With several good surf spots, Dakhla has something for surfers of all abilities. The best time to go is between October and February – the waves can be inconsistent over the summer. There is a nice right-hand break at Dakhla itself. But it pays to be adventurous in Dakhla – head out along the coast and you’ll find some fantastic spots, many of them empty. Take a four-wheel-drive and an open mind.

The Point north of Dakhla is thought by some to the best wave in Western Sahara. It is strong, consistent and fast. It’s also often empty. Other notable breaks in the area that are worth including in this guide to Dakhla surfing holidays, include Point d’Lor, Ponta Negra and Foum el Bouir.

Dakhla is a traditional Saharan town where the rich culture of the desert people mixes with a worldwide community of watersport fans. If you want an adventure as well as a surf, you’ll love a Dakhla surfing holidays. Take a ride into the desert and discover it for yourself.

Travel Safety

Dakhla is in the far south of the Western Sahara disputed zone. Formerly a Spanish colony, it was annexed by Morocco in 1975. Ever since it has been the subject of a long-running territorial dispute between Morocco and the indigenous Saharawi people, led by the Polisario Front.

While there is ongoing conflict in the area, within Dakhla this is mainly peaceful political protests. The UK considers the political situation as undetermined and as a result there is an increased chance of terrorist activity. Please check the latest FCO travel advice for Western Sahara prior to heading there.

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