Guide to Cypriot kitesurfing holidays: Best Cyprus kite spots

Oct 05, 2020 BY Paul McWilliams

With more than 650km of stunning Mediterranean coastline, Cypriot kitesurfing holidays offer excellent wind and water conditions year round. In fact, the best Cyprus kite spots can rival the top destinations in Europe.

Best Cyprus kite spots Pixabay royalty free image from Ayia Napa Makronissos Beach

There are kite beaches dotted all around the island. In the winter low season, you can kite wherever conditions are best. However, in the high summer season you’ll need to head to one of the designated kitesurfing spots. Don’t worry though, there are plenty to choose from you can even kitesurf near the holiday resort of Ayia Napa.

Introducing Cyprus

Home to around 800,000 people, Cyprus is an island divided roughly in two between a Greek and Turkish population. The island is divided politically with the northern third being occupied by Turkey and declared as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. However, despite the ongoing Cyprus dispute it’s very safe for tourists no matter which side you visit.

Sun-soaked beaches ring the island and are a major attraction, but the historic towns and rich cultural landscapes of the interior are the birthplace of myths and legends. The goddess Aphrodite was said to have been born here and it’s easy to see why you would fall in love with the island.

Getting there is easy, with regular scheduled flights from the UK and additional charter services in the high summer season. There is plenty of accommodation options in Cyprus suitable for all budgets, as it has long been a popular tourist destination.

Guide to Cypriot kitesurfing holidays Best Cyprus kite spots Needpix royalty free image from Morphos Bay

Guide to Cypriot kitesurfing holidays

Winds are generally stronger in the summer months, with peak season being from May to October, usually coming from the southwest. In December and January winds come from the east, varying between 17 and 23 knots, opening up more kiting spots on the eastern side of the island and bringing some waves with it.

Although wind and weather conditions are generally better in the summer, some kitesurfers prefer to visit in the winter months. Purely because there is a bigger choice of beaches and  fewer tourists on the island and in the water. It also depends on the specific kite spot as different locations are better at different times of year.

Whenever you visit Cyprus, the island is welcoming, people friendly and the food is very good! Plus of course, the best Cyprus kite spots are as good as anywhere in Europe. So why not combine a week in the sun with some kitesurfing fun?

The best Cyprus kite spots

This guide to Cypriot kitesurfing holidays wouldn’t be complete without taking a quick look at some of the most popular places to kitesurf on the island.

Guide to Cypriot kitesurfing holidays Pixabay royalty free image from cyprus


Located between Limassol and Paphos, this 2km long beach works best with the southwest wind that blows in the summer months. It’s also a turtle nesting beach and the small village here is surprisingly lively. One of the safest spots on the island it is good for beginner Cypriot kitesurfing holidays.


A small bay with room for only a dozen or so kiters at any one time, this is another good spot for south west and westerly winds. There are often some small waves to play on here. It’s known locally as the Shipwrecks.


The traditional Cypriot village of Pissouri offers reliable winds for much of the year and is considered to be one of the best kite spots in Europe. The season runs from May through to September with a steady southwest wind of 16 to 20 knots for five to six days a week all year.

Around Larnaca

Larnaca is one of the other major towns on Cyprus and there is a choice of good kitesurfing spots here too. The pebbly Kiti-Mazotos Beach and Pyla for some of the best conditions on this part of the island. Check out this guide to Larnaca windsurfing holidays for more useful info.

Guide to kitesurfing holidays in Cyprus Pixabay royalty free image from kiti beach

Ladies Mile

Located just outside Limassol harbour, this long sandy beach is one of the best beaches for winter kitesurfing. It’s not so good in the summer because the wind is mostly offshore.

Santa Barbara

Another one of the best Cyprus kite spots that is close to Limassol. But this one is a summer kiting beach suitable for southwest and westerly winds.

Plan your Cypriot kitesurfing trip

Cypriot kitesurfing holidays have grown in popularity as more riders discover the choice of spots and good year-round conditions. If you decide to check it out there is a great range of  Cypriot accommodation to choose from. The tourist infrastructure is excellent plus there are food and drink options to cater to all tastes and budgets.

If you want to try something other than kitesurfing during your visit then check out these Cyprus activity experiences for more inspiration about visiting this beautiful island.


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