Guide to Corsica rafting holidays: Mediterranean white water

Nov 23, 2017 BY AWE365 Team

The French island of Corsica is one of the Mediterranean’s jewels with a landscape that’s rugged wild and beautiful. It’s rocky mountains provide elevation creating the Mediterranean white water that drives Corsica rafting holidays.

Guide to Corsica rafting holidays Mediterranean white water Image courtesy of In Terra Corsa

Corsica rafting holidays

Corsica is a great sunny beach destination, but without too much in the way of big resorts. While it’s a popular destination for tourists, it’s still an island of fishermen and farmers. It remains wild and in many places untamed – so perfect for adventures ranging from trekking to diving and rafting to windsurfing.

Corsica’s mountains stretch up to 2700m at Mount Cinto. Its high, rocky mountains create good white water, especially in the months of March to May, when the snow melts. This draws in kayakers and rafters from afar.

Clear water rushes down the mountains during these months, which are the best for Corsica rafting holidays. The rapids that result from this fast-flowing meltwater can be tough, rarely less than class 3 and at times include ‘unpassable’ class 6 rapids.

Mediterranean white water Grade

The Travo River is a favourite with experienced paddlers, with fun waterfall drops and slides, and some difficult gorges making for adrenaline fueled class V-VI kayaking and rafting in Corsica. The Fium Orbo is another good choice for the experienced, with good conditions you’ll have a couple of days of class IV-V paddling.

Guide to Corsica rafting holidays Mediterranean white water Image courtesy of In Terra Corsa

Those who are less adventurous should head to the class II to III Gravona River. Its upper sections have some fun but navigable rapids, with plenty of gentle natural pools for swimming and river beaches – perfect when you need a break from the Mediterranean white water!

From March to May the Lower Golo River is a popular rafting day trip in Corsica. You can enjoy a 4×4 ride to get you to the launch before riding the class III to IV rapids all the way to the Mediterranean Sea. Kids from 14 can get involved and the whole experience lasts half a day.

In the right conditions the upper and middle sections of the Golo are a class V to VI+ in some sections. Although this is only really suitable for kayakers or small two man rafts.

Corsica is one of Europe’s most unusual and chic holiday destinations in the Mediterranean. It is a world away from the crowded beaches of the French mainland or Spanish coasts. Whether you choose to raft or try some of the other adventures, it is a magical place to be.

If you fancy a Corsica white water rafting trip we recommend you check out In Terra Corsa (who kindly provided the images for this article):

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