Guide to Chamonix mountain biking holidays

Feb 01, 2016 BY AWE365 Team

Famous as the site of the first Winter Olympics in 1924, Chamonix has joined the worldwide trend of ski resorts that become mountain bike parks for the summer months. As with skiing here, although Chamonix mountain biking holidays are suitable for all levels of rider, experienced MTBers will get the most from the often steep and technical slopes.

During spring mountain bike trails are cleared of debris and prepared for the coming summer season for hiking, mountaineering, climbing and Chamonix mountain biking holidays. Every summer Chamonix welcomes visitors from around the world for a huge range of adventure activities, making it arguably Europe’s adventure capital.

Chamonix mountain biking holidays

Featuring no less than 20 marked trails, from as short as 1.5km to around 25km. Much of the MTB terrain is accessible by cable car or chair lift, so your energy is maintained for some of the most stunning downhill runs you will ever experience.

Chamonix Mountain Biking holidays  Flickr image by NeilCain

Be sure to consult your map before hitting a trail as some of the trails are not for the faint hearted, and should be ridden by expert riders only. If giant down hills and breathtaking descents are not your thing then check out some of the flowing single track and formed trails that take you on a journey through many of the local villages and hamlets.

Make sure you don’t miss Le Tour, it’s not the most difficult trail in the Chamonix valley, but a beautiful flowing ride. It is at the Swiss end of the valley, with the gentlest terrain in the area (by Chamonix standards at least) so it suits all but complete beginners. The trail is gorse-lined singletrack surrounded by vivid blue glaciers and immense peaks.

The lifts are normally open from the second week in June until September – exact dates vary due to the weather. For the best Chamonix mountain biking holidays arrange your trip for late early or late summer as during July and August it can get busy with hikers and there may be extra restrictions on shared single track routes.

The Chamonix Valley is 15km long with varied trails and uplift options throughout the week so be sure to pick up a trail map to help plan your ride in advance. There are many great trails that are unmarked so to get the best out of Chamonix mountain biking holidays you should book a guide through the tourist office.

If bringing your own bike There’s no need to bring too many spares as Chamonix is serviced by good mountain bike shops, but the trails are quite rocky so remember to keep those tyres well inflated to avoid pinch flats. There are also plenty of places to hire a bike and all the safety equipment.

When you’ve finished your days riding the fun doesn’t stop there with a range of bars, clubs, restaurants, and cafés to suit all tastes. Accommodation options range from basic one bedroom apartments through to 5 Star hotels so most budgets can get you a bed for the night.

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