Guide to Caribbean windsurfing holidays: 6 top spots

Mar 09, 2016 BY AWE365 Team

Caribbean windsurfing holidays offers everything windsurfers could want: strong, reliable trade winds, warm water, great weather, flat water lagoons, surfable waves, friendly hospitality and of course beautiful views. With the Caribbean being a top holiday destination, there are great facilities including plenty of windsurf schools and hire shops.

guide to Caribbean Windsurfing holidays Flickr image by Meg Stewart

Guide to Caribbean windsurfing holidays

It’s harder to find a resort beach in the Caribbean where you can’t windsurf, than one where you can. With so much choice, where is the best place for Caribbean windsurfing holidays? There’s no right or wrong answer to this one. As ever, much depends on your experience level and what you want from your trip.

Aruba & Bonaire

But whatever your windsurfing needs, it’s hard to go wrong with Aruba, or nearby Bonaire. These attractive Dutch Antilles islands offer ideal conditions for beginners and more experienced windsurfers alike. Aruba has plenty of flat, waist-deep water, and strong winds, meaning safe conditions for learners and a challenge for speed freaks.

Bonaire offers similar conditions with 4km long Lay Bay offering outstanding flat water conditions. Aruba is more developed than Bonaire, so if you want luxury and all the comforts you would expect from the Caribbean head there. But if you prefer something untouched by mass tourism Bonaire is for you.

Aruba: Guide to Caribbean windsurfing holidays Flickr image by kmattrn


Wave aficionados should head to Barbados. The island’s eastern side has great winds all year round but December to May offers the best wave sailing. It’s not the ideal place for beginners, but there are some more protected spots. Barbados caters for all budgets from luxury down to budget.

Dominican Republic

Cabarete, in the Dominican Republic, is a great all-round destination. It has some lovely flat water near the shore, with waves picking up off the beach in the afternoon. It has a friendly, well-established surf scene, too.


Tobago is a great all round windsurf spot to include in this guide to Caribbean windsurfing holidays. There is ample flat water and shallow lagoons for beginners, improvers, freestyle and speed. Plus from November to June you get some waves so it is a top spot for bump and jump windsurfing.

Trinidad and Tobago Guide to Caribbean windsurfing holidays Wikimedia Commons image by Nevit Dilmen

The island is not overly developed and is relatively cheap compared to others. But you can still find luxury accommodation if you want it, or at the other end of the scale budget apartments.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is another good all-rounder, known to many as the ‘Maui of the Caribbean’. From December to April, the waves get up and windsurfers flock to the island to practice their jumps. The rest of the year, the water is flat and great for freestylers and learners.


This guide to Caribbean windsurfing holidays wouldn’t be complete without mentioning El Yaque, Margarita. This small island off the coast of Venezuela is perfect for beginners and those wanting to improve their technique. It is a bit of a party destination and the Island has a unique charm.

A Caribbean windsurfing holiday offers a huge amount of choice, great conditions and a friendly vibe. What more could you ask for?

We hope you enjoyed this guide to Caribbean windsurfing holidays. Please check out the AWE365 club windsurfing discounts to save money on your next trip.

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