Guide to Cadiz kiteboarding holidays

Dec 13, 2013 BY AWE365 Team

The main beach for Cadiz kitesurfing is in Tarifa, the capitol of the sport within Europe. The beach looks over from Spain to the Morocco coastline . It is these two land masses which make for consistent wind all year round, due to air being squeezed between the two.

Cadiz Kiteboarding Wikimedia Commons image by Pablo Jones (Peejayem)

The average temperature varies from 13 – 25 degrees. This may not be the warmest of locations for your holiday so bring a full wetsuit in winter and a shorty for the summer.

The beaches are made up of a wide expanse of deep golden sand and are perfect for safe launching and landing. On a good day in the summer the sky will be ablaze with colour from the pure number of kites in the sky. It is mainly deep water conditions, choppy with some waves added in. However, there is also the option of the main lagoon in Tarifa which is perfect for learning to kitesurf in Cadiz.

There are accommodation options ranging from hostels to hotels. If you want to make the most of the great outdoors there are some campsites on the beach, so you won’t be too far away from the action. Some of the sites will also ensure that a tent is up and pitched for your arrival.

CAdiz kitesurfing is possible all year round. But be prepared and bring a wide range of kite sizes (6m – 12m). Wind direction id either West or East. Westerly wind is from the Atlantic and called the Poniente, which produces cross shore conditions. This is a consistent wind as it hasn’t touched land for many miles. The easterly Levante wind is cross off shore from the Med and can be a little gusty.

All riding levels will enjoy cadiz kitesurfing and you will not be short of a kite school if you are a beginner or an intermediate wanting to polish up on your skills.

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