Guide to Bulgaria wakeboard holidays: Lakes & Black Sea wakeboarding

Oct 09, 2019 BY AWE365 Team

Ever considered Bulgarian lakes and Black Sea wakeboarding? In this guide to Bulgaria wakeboard holidays we look at where you can hit the water in this interesting country and why it’s well worth a visit.

Lakes & Black Sea wakeboarding

Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast and inland lakes make it a great place to wakeboard. The sport has grown in popularity among both locals and visitors, with lots of new wakeboarding parks and schools opening up.

Summer temperatures are regularly into the thirties, and water temperatures in the twentie. So Bulgaria wakeboard holidays are a great opportunity to explore this gorgeous country and get out onto the water.

wakeboarding Bulgaria Image courtesy of snow and wake Bulgaria

Lake Iskar

Lake Iskar, near the winter ski resort of Borovets, is one of the country’s favourite wakeboarding and watersports locations. The lake is 25 km long and 8 km wide. It’s set in a stunning location, surrounded by mountains and pine forest.

Wakeboarding operators at the lake have a good choice of boats to take you out on, and offer lessons. When you want to chill out, just head to one of the many sandy, secluded lakeside beaches. Perfect! Check out Snow and Wake Bulgaria for excellent holidays.

Black Sea

On the coast, the calm waters mean Black Sea wakeboarding is great for everyone from beginners upwards. Varna, Bulgaria’s largest seaside resort, has recently built its own wake park.

Towed by fixed cables, wakeboarders can learn the sport, or practise tricks and slaloms. The park is floodlit after dark for night-time wakeboarding. Sunny beach is also well worth checking out.

Lake Kazichene

Lake Kazichene, near the capital Sofia, also has a cable wakeboard park. Being so close to the city it’s a great choice for travellers on weekend breaks.

Bulgaria wakeboard holidays

Bulgaria offers great conditions for wakeboarders, with some great wake parks and gorgeous surroundings. Whether you want to tear over the sea or a calm mountain lake, you’ll be able to do it on during Bulgaria wakeboard holidays.

Check out our wakeboarding discounts as you could save a fortune on your next trip.

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