Guide to Bulgaria snowboarding holidays: best value snowboard trip

Jul 24, 2017 BY Luke Rees

Looking for an inexpensive destination this winter? Then consider Bulgaria snowboarding holidays. As a member of the EU since 2007, but not a member of the single currency, snowboarding in Bulgaria is probably the best value snowboard trip in Europe.

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Guide to Bulgaria snowboarding holidays

Due to its southerly position and lower altitude the snow is not as reliable in Bulgaria as it is in the Alps. However, it’s proximity to the Black Sea means it can receive snow when other areas of Europe do not have any. Furthermore, warm moist air from the Med can lead to snow that other areas do not receive.

Bulgaria snowboarding holidays can be a bit hit or miss depending on the conditions. There are times it has the most powder in Europe, and others when it is warm, slushy and the snow cover is patchy. Of course it’s not always hit or miss, sometimes it has standard conditions just like elsewhere.

If you are booking in advance, the middle of winter (mid Jan to early March in Bulgaria) is the best bet. But even better would be booking last minute when you know the snow is good. Or wait until there is a big dump in the forecast and you could get the best value snowboard trip ever.

Ski resorts in Bulgaria

There are around nine ski resorts in Bulgaria plus other local ski hills. Of the nine Borovets, Bansko and Pamporovo are the biggest with the best facilities. They are also the best places to head for Bulgaria snowboarding holidays.

Borovets: Best for partying and snow

Borovets is the closest of the three to the international airport at Sofia – just 75km away. The snow record here is the best in Bulgaria and the resort is the oldest dating back to 1896. There are 58 km of piste rising up to 2560m. 60% of the slopes are covered by snow cannons.

Guide to Bulgaria snowboarding holidays in Borovets flickr CC image by Constantine Trupcheff

The Yastrebets cable car is the main route up the mountain and there can be long queues, but once up the mountain the crowds disperse. There is the largest snowpark in Bulgaria – over half a kilometer long. There are quite a lot of off-piste routes through the trees and some backcountry options with guides.

In a recent survey Borovets came third in Europe for the best value snowboard trip. The town itself is very lively with a lot of night life fuelled by cheap drinks. It’s the best destination for snowboarding in Bulgaria if you are looking to party. Read our guide to Borovets snowboarding holidays for more information.

Bansko – Best for off-piste and families

Located in the South West of Bulgaria Bansko is 160km from Sofia. There’s a total of 65km of ski runs up to 2600m. The lifts give easy access to a large bowl that offer great off-piste, so when the conditions are right it has some of the best snowboarding in Bulgaria.

Bansko is a small town in a similar style to many in the Alps – just a lot cheaper. The apres is less wild than Borovets and it is widely considered to be a great family resort. Many UK schools head to Bansko purely because it provides possibly the best value snowboard trip in Europe.

Pamporovo – Best for beginners and value

Pamporovo is increasing in popularity and has a very scenic setting. It only reaches up to 1900m so the 37 km of piste are all through trees. Lifts are good and queueing is rare. 90% of the slopes have snow cannons to rescue Bulgaria snowboarding holidays in Pamporovo when mother nature does not do her job.

Much of the attraction for advanced snowboarders will be found around a run named ‘The Wall’ plus a couple of reds and blacks. although freestylers will enjoy the park which includes a half pipe. There is however an excellent snowboarding school here, along with plenty of easy slopes, making the resort great for beginners.

Pamporovo best value snowboard trip in Europe flickr CC image by Велислав

Marketers for the resort claim it’s the sunniest in Europe. Although combined with low altitude and a few weeks without snow you may be getting the bus to Borovets looking for snow. On the plus side it offers possibly the best value snowboard trip in Bulgaria.

Best value snowboard trip in Europe

Overall snowboarding in Bulgaria offers a different experience to much of the rest of Europe. Culturally there are reminders everywhere of its communist past – a trip to Sofia is well worth it if you have time, the national museum is very interesting.

The snowboarding in Bulgaria can be as good as anywhere in Europe and at times it has powder when nowhere else does. However, my personal recommendation would be to book late as the snow can be a little hit or miss – but when it’s a hit you’ll have a great Bulgaria snowboarding holiday at a reasonable cost.

So if you are looking for the best value snowboard trip in Europe then Bulgaria is the place to go.

Be sure to check out our snowboarding holiday discounts as you could save a fortune on your next holiday.

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