Guide to Barbados Mountain Biking Holidays and MTB Vacations

Oct 12, 2023 BY Luke Rees

With a year round temperature of 28/29 degrees Celsius the Caribbean islands of Barbados are an amazing place to visit for a relaxing beach break. But what about more active trips, are Barbados MTB vacations possible? Read this guide to Barbados mountain biking holidays to find out!

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Barbados MTB Vacations

On Barbados mountain biking holidays you can expect plenty of single track, forest trails and unsurpassed views. You’ll find everything from touring the coast while listening to the waves as they thunder against the shore, to small farm tracks, steep climbs and descents, plus rich tropical vegetation.

Enlisting the help of a local guide or resident cyclist is definitely recommended as not all the trails are documented. For example, Trailforks only has eight trails, the longest of which (Bissex 1 and Springbridge) are just two kilometres in length. But it does show there are green and blue downhill trails in two areas on the NE coast near Belleplaine/Bathsheba and Society/Fortescue.

But that is far from the only riding MTB in Barbados. For example, the Pico Teneriffe trail is a 25km rocky stretch of rough trail taking you along the Atlantic coast line in the north of the island. It will test your suspension, manoeuvring skills and reactions as you’ll be sharing this trail with hikers.

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There are of course quiet roads you can ride on and plenty of dirt tracks for more chilled out mountain biking in Barbados. You can book e-mountain bike tours that take in a variety of routes around the island often starting in the capital Bridgetown. But most of the fun off-road trails are undocumented which is why it is worth getting a guide.

Guide to Barbados Mountain Biking Holidays

There is bike hire available in Barbados but it’s more suited to the urban cyclist or casual e-mountain bikers than serious downhillers. So if you want to hit technical trails while mountain biking in Barbados it may be worth packing your own bike. Even bringing necessary spares is recommended as there are not many bike shops on Barbados so getting what you need is not guaranteed.

Being tropical you’ll have to remember that the Islands have only two seasons, wet and dry. During the dry season, in the northern hemisphere winter and spring, temperatures are a bit cooler and there is less rain. The wet season, in the northern hemisphere summer and autumn, has warmer days and higher rainfall. But either time it doesn’t get cold and it rarely rains all day.

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Getting to Barbados is easy, daily flights arrive from all over the world. Accommodation on Barbados is varied but reasonably priced for the quality on offer. Options range from inexpensive camping, through to luxury apartments and hotels, there are excellent Barbados Villas and also good value guest houses to stay in.

On non riding days there is a wide range of Barbados adventure activities on offer. Take a zip-line journey through the forest canopy, or explore the depths of the ocean in submarine. Sail, windsurf or kiteboard the Barbados coastline, hike in the jungle, dive or snorkel the reefs or sit by the pool with a cocktail!

Whatever you plan, Barbados MTB vacations are just the beginning of a trip to remember for years to come.

We hope you found this guide to mountain biking in Barbados useful. Check out these mountain biking holidays worldwide for more great ideas.

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