Guide to Banff paraglide holidays: Go Paragliding in Golden

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Unfortunately for those who fancy Banff paraglide holidays, paragliding is banned by the local authorities because the resort lies in protected national parkland. But just a short hop over the park border you can go paragliding in Golden, where you can easily arrange tandem or solo flights.

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Guide to Banff paraglide holidays

Banff is a very attractive mountain resort in Alberta, Canada. In winter, it is a popular ski resort, together with nearby Lake Louise. In summer, it is a centre for all kinds of adrenalin and adventure spots, from mountain biking to canoeing.

Banff makes a great base to explore this part of the Rockies. There is plenty of accommodation ranging from cheap hostels to expensive hotels. There are lively bars, restaurants catering to most tastes and plenty to do.

A Banff paraglide is trip is a must-do if you’re staying in Banff and Lake Louise. Of course you’ll be paragliding in Golden which has some of the world’s best flying. With the perfect combination of great wind conditions and views that will take your breath away.

For years there have been rumours that the authorities will have a change of heart soon and start to allow paragliding in Banff itself. Until they do, it’s easy to take a trip over to Golden and take off from there.

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Go Paragliding in Golden

Unsurprisingly, given its vast mountains and huge scale, flying in Canada means paragliding over huge areas of untouched wilderness. If you’re used to European flying, you’ll love the incredible feeling of emptiness and freedom you’ll find in Canada.

Paragliding in golden is well set up. Beginners can easily find operators offering tandem flights or lessons. We recommend checking out Parapente Tandems who’ll be able to get you up and flying.

Mount 7 is a favourite launch site for beginners and the experienced alike, with great thermal conditions and the chance to take in some truly stunning cross country flying over deep valleys.

A particular local speciality is heli-paragliding. This allows you to take-off from peaks that would usually be completely inaccessible, and can be done solo or tandem.

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Golden or Banff paraglide holidays?

So despite not being allowed to fly there, Banff paragliding experiences are possible. You just need to do your paragliding in Golden which is about a 90 minute drive away via the stunning Lake Louise.

However, Golden is a very nice destination itself. So if you plan to do a lot of paragliding just stay there instead to save the commute. But if you are planning a day trip then the beautiful drive itself is more than worth the effort.

If you would like to book paragliding in Golden then head to

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