Guide to Anegada kitesurfing holidays in BVI

Feb 02, 2016 BY AWE365 Team

Anegada is an island in the British Virgin Islands. Ringed with white sandy beaches and azure water it has steady, reliable winds covering the north easterly facing. With quiet beaches, Anegada kitesurfing holidays in BVI are about as idyllic as they come.

Guide to Anegada kitesurfing holidays in BVI Image by Tommy Gaunt

Anegada kitesurfing holidays in BVI

With a vast coastline Anegada provides a massive variety of conditions; from flat water lagoons, inside sandy areas to exposed reef breaks. So there is something for everyone no matter what your kitesurfing style or ability.

The prevailing North Easterly wind is perfect for learning. The cross-onshore winds allow riders plenty of space, while making easy, safe and efficient to get launch and get back to the beach.

For more experienced riders there are endless options, exploring the island by kite is a perfect way to see the pristine coast line. Down-winders, Up-winders and kiting along the coastline gives the rider a lot of freedom, exactly what kitesurfing holidays in BVI are about.

Guide to Anegada kitesurfing holidays in BVI Image by Tommy Gaunt

The main spot for Anegada kitesurfing holidays is Keel Point. With an extensive stretch of beach, that is sheltered by an outer reef, providing flat water to learn in. With cross-onshore winds it is ideal for riding as there is plenty of space and steady, reliable winds.

Advanced riders love Keel Point too as the flat water is great for practicing tricks, with the outer reef keeping the ocean at bay. If you are in search for waves, then you can head out to the reefs where you will find break after break after break.

Tommy Gaunt: Anegada kitesurfing holidays

Tommy Gaunt Kitesurfing is based at Keel Point, in association with Anegada Beach Club. It’s an ideal place for a kiteboarder with the beach only a 100 yard walk from the hotel. From the bar and restaurant you will be looking out over a huge windy bay with ocean so clear that it could bring a tear to your eye.

Guide to Anegada kitesurfing holidays in BVI Image by Tommy Gaunt

Despite being based at Keel Point they have the excellent shuttle service allows customers access all over the island. So if the wind is in a slightly different direction or the client would like a change of conditions they can travel to other spots on the island. There is also boat on hand allowing access anywhere on the island.

Being a dominantly Crazyfly Kiteboarding professional school, ‘Tommy Gaunt Kitesurfing’ has a large variety of kites and boards for teaching and rentals. Travelling with kites and boards can be a struggle but they’ll have something to suit most people.

Getting to Anegada

There is a ferry service to Anegada from Tortola. You can take the morning or afternoon ferry to Anegada on Monday, Wednesday or Friday. The Sunday ferry runs most of the year, leaving Tortola in the morning and returning to Tortola in the afternoon.

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