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Jul 18, 2013 BY AWE365 Team

Morocco happens to be a bit of a wild place. Two steps off the ferry in Tangier and a hapless traveller will inevitably be swept up in a wave of humanity, frantically hustling and begging you to the edge of reason. While Morocco lies a mere twenty miles from the southern tip of Spain, after an hour there Europe will seem like a distant memory.

Agadir Surf Flickr image by seljes

While this frantic melee is a rich, fascinating experience – it would be fair to say that it’s not for everyone. For those who want the exoticism of Morocco without the madness, the slightly more westernised area of Agadir-Ida Ou Tanane would be the place to go. Usually shortened to ‘Agadir’, which is also the name of the region’s capital, this seaside strip of sandy beaches and reliable surf is the perfect place to get a more relaxed Moroccan experience.

An Agadir surfing holiday is a varied experience. North of the region’s capital lie some of the most formidable surf spots in Africa – with names the likes of Killer Point and Dracula, a traveller in search of a few mellow waves followed by a cocktail or two might be advised to look nearer the city.

A number of fantastic surf schools and manageable breaks lie just outside the city of Agadir. Surf Star Morocco comes highly recommended as a fine place to get the hang of standing sideways, though there’s plenty of schools to choose from. Le 11 and Panorama lie only a hop skip and a jump from the city of Agadir and are great mellow beach breaks for beginners and chillers alike.

So if it’s a slightly more relaxed version of the Moroccan experience you’re after, punctuated of course with some world class surf, Agadir is the place for you. It might be worth poking your head into Marrakech on the way down though, just so as to appreciate Agadir all the more.

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