Guide to adventure activities in Santa Veronica, Colombia

Sep 14, 2015 BY Paul McWilliams

Situated on the northern Caribbean coast of Colombia, close to the stunning city of Cartagena, discover the beautiful beach resort of Santa Veronica. Located on a sandy spit extending out over the dazzling blue bay, the perfect water and wind conditions mean there’s a wealth of adventure activities in Santa Veronica to choose from.

Adventure activities in Santa Veronica image courtesy of Casa Agua Vela

Adventure activities in Santa Veronica

As well as getting your kicks out on the water, there are more activities to try inland and with two of Colombia’s most beautiful and historic cities nearby, culture vultures will relish this combination of adventure and destination. Here’s our comprehensive guide to what you can get up to in this jewel of the Colombian coast.


With plenty of side-on trade winds and regular winds between 25 and 35 knots during the season, the bay at Santa Veronica is rapidly becoming one of Colombia’s hottest kitesurfing destinations. Get 10% off at the kiter friendly Casa Agua Vela Hostal for an unforgettable stay.

It is worth contacting Philippe and Marco from the Santa Veronica Kite Club as they know the kiting here better than anyone. They also organize downwinds along the caribbean coast which is a must for any visit. If you need to rent gear they have both surf and twintip boards, plus they provide coaching on the local spots.

Adventure activities in Santa Veronica image courtesy of Casa Agua Vela

The sizzling water temperatures, in the high 20s (this is the Caribbean), just add to the great conditions between December and the end of April. With waves, bump & jump, freeride and freestyle spots available, it’s no wonder Santa Veronica is catching the kitesurfing world’s attention.


For most of the same reasons as above, the bay here is incredible for windsurfing too. With plenty of water to go around, there’s no fighting for territory, just stunning conditions.

Try the spot at Olas Inn, known as ‘the’ spot by the locals, with one to two metre waves breaking continually across the bay. It’s perfect riding for intermediate windsurfers or those looking to gain confidence. Other spots offer some great bump & jump and freerdiers will love the Puerto Velero Lagoon. Again get 10% off at Casa Agua Vela Hostal.

Adventure activities in Santa Veronica image courtesy of Casa Agua Vela


SUP is fairly new to Santa Veronica, but the sandy waves near the shore in front of the club are perfect to have some fun. With the beautiful coastline as your backdrop, warm Caribbean waters and regular waves throughout the season, expect numbers here to grow. So, it’s highly recommended to get here first before word gets out.


Strap on your boots and take to the trail, with hundreds of kilometres of stunning terrain to explore within 2-3 hours of Santa Veronica. Top destinations include the beautiful Parque Tayrona and the enigmatic Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, which offers some big hill climbs and majestic views.

Other activities

As its reputation grows, other adventure activities in Santa Veronica are being developed all the time. Local riders already enjoy a network of mountain biking trails and plans are afoot to make them accessible to visitors. There are also stables in the area offering horse riding opportunities, and with beaches, mountains and historic trails to check out, it’s an exciting prospect. Of course you could just relax by the pool…..

Adventure activities in Santa Veronica image courtesy of Casa Agua Vela

Cultural activities

When you’re not busy being active you’re spoiled for things to do. The stunning city of Cartagena, a World Heritage Site, is just 70 kilometres away and is a must visit destination. Famed for its history and culture, the city also comes alive at night with some of the country’s most incredible nightspots. And this being Colombia, you can only imagine what that means.

Also within an hour’s drive is Barranquilla, the City of Joy and home to Colombia’s legendary carnival, declared a Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco. Teeming with bars, restaurants and nightspots, this is a party town you’ll never forget.

Adventure activities in Santa Veronica image courtesy of Casa Agua Vela

Other cultural highlights include the thermal waters at Usiacuri, the Castle of Salgar and the typical village of Juan de Acosta. The Casa Agua Vela Hostal discount is a great place to stay to experience both the cultural and adventure activities in Santa Veronica.

Colombia’s international reputation as one of the world’s most exciting adventure destinations is growing all the time. The adventure activities in Santa Veronica just demonstrate the kinds of conditions and facilities on offer on the country’s sublime Caribbean coast.

Book your trip sooner rather than later though, as a growing reputation also means more visitors, and it’s really worth experiencing now before the hoards descend.

Check out the 10% Casa Agua Vela Hostal discount to find out more and save some money.

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