Guide to Moldova skiing holidays

Oct 05, 2013 BY AWE365 Team

Moldova probably isn’t the first name that springs into your mind when you think about where to go for your next ski holiday. But if you’re looking for great value skiing, with an adventure thrown in, you could do worse than this little corner of Romania.

Moldova Ski Flickr image by _dChris

Moldova lies on the north-eastern side of Romania, bordering the independent republic of the same name. It is home to four ski resorts: Slanic Moldova, Durau, Soveja and Piatra-Neamt. None of these resorts are large, but nor is Moldova. Why not grab a hire car and spend a week exploring all four?

Slanic Moldova is an old spa town, which is starting to establish itself as a ski resort. While the pisted ski area is limited to one slope at the moment, there is plenty of easy off-piste and cross-country to explore. Don’t forget to sample the spa water while you’re there: it’s said to have healing properties.

Soveja is another one-slope ski town that is a great hub for cross-country skiers. It’s a great place for downhill skiers to add another string to their bow. Get your ski legs on the slope, and then try your hand off it. The snow tends to be reliable and can be deep.

Durau is surrounded by gorgeous primeval forest, and clear mountain air. Again, there is only one run, but skiing in Durau is as much about enjoying the setting and scenery as it is about hurtling down the mountain.

Piatra-Neamt is Moldova’s biggest ski resort, with a chair lift and gondola. The ski resort is based just outside the city, which is one of Romania’s most attractive. Expect a warm welcome, lots of cosy cafes, and stunning architecture.

We’re not going to pretend that a Moldova ski holiday can rival one in the Alps. But if you have a sense of adventure, and want to experience something completely different on your ski holiday, it might just be for you.


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