Greece rock climbing holidays in Kalymnos & Telendos Island

Jun 30, 2013 BY AWE365 Team

Simon Montmory is a certified climbing instructor, a passionate climber and route setter living on the climber’s paradise of Kalymnos. Join Simon for exciting Greece rock climbing holidays in Kalymnos & Telendos Island.

Greece rock climbing holidays in Kalymnos

All year long, he shares his passion and experience with climbers from all over the world. Offering one week climbing courses and private tuition.  It’s the opportunity for you to learn and improve your climbing skills and enjoy the best routes rock climbing in Kalymnos & Telendos islands.

Kalymnos was voted the number 1 climbing destination for 2013 on  It is famous for the high quality of rock which is mostly limestone. There are nearly 2400 climbing routes covering all styles and difficulties. It is easy to access by foot or scooter and the views are incredible!

Greece rock climbing holidays in Kalymnos

People who visit for first time always come back year after year for Greece rock climbing holidays in Kalymnos. Take away the climbing and it is still a great holidays destination. The beach is nearby there is excellent Mediterranean food and very welcoming locals.

Greece rock climbing holidays in Kalymnos

Simon will assess your ability and climbing experience before creating a customised climbing program to help you to progress. Above all rock climbing holidays in Kalymnos & Telendos Island are in a fun and relaxing atmosphere. You can be sure of sunshine, delicious Greek food and with the clear blue Aegean sea on hand to cool off and revive aching limbs.

Kalymnos Climbing Camp – 5 days courses:

Greece rock climbing holidays in KalymnosBeginners climbing course

  • Introduction to outdoor climbing
  • Learn the essential skills to start climbing
  • Full safety and equipment tuition

Intermediate climbing course

  • Improve your climbing skills
  • Learn to lead climb

Advanced climbing course

  • Performance coaching
  • Push your limits
  • Reach the next grade!

Book your trip with Simon Montmory – Kalymnos Climbing Guide

Climbing courses & guiding Kalymnos & Telendos Island

  • Private climbing instruction
  • Multipitch climbing on Telendos & Kalymnos
  • Discover rock climbing

All courses are tailor made to suits your level and your requirements. Book either full or half days, private or groups (based on a low instructor to climbers ratio).

Book your climbing tuition or guide with Simon Montmory – Kalymnos Climbing Guide

Simon Montmory Kalymnos climbing guide

Kalymnos climbing camps

The following dates are available for Greece rock climbing holidays in Kalymnos & Telendos Island with Simon Montmory.

  • July 1st – July 6th : Intermediate  (only 2 places available)
  • July 14th – 19th : Beginner/Intermediate
  • July 21st – 26th : Intermediate (only 3 places available)
  • July 28th – August 2nd : Beginner course (only 2 places available)
  • August 4th – 9th: Intermediate
  • August 18th – 23rd : Beginner course (only 2 places available)
  • September 15th – 20th: Intermediate (only 4 places available)
  • October 13th-18th : Intermediate / Performance coaching – Reach the next grade!
  • October 27th – November 1st : Intermediate

Book your Greece climbing holiday with Simon Montmory – Kalymnos Climbing Guide

All of our courses and camps have a maximum of 4 climbers to 1 instructor ratio ensuring you get quality tuition. The low ratio means you’ll get one on one with the instructor and by the end of your Greece rock climbing holidays in Kalymnos you will have improved considerably as a climber and will have had a great time.

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