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Oct 23, 2013 BY AWE365 Team

Greece is best known to many as a sun, sea , sand and package holidays. That, and the fact that it is home to one of the world’s oldest civilisations! But there is much more to Greece than both these contrasting definitions of it. And a Greece overland holiday is the perfect way to get under the country’s skin and discover it.

Greece Overland Flickr image by Jason Pratt

Mainland Greece is off the radar of many tourists, who head straight for the islands. That is a shame for them, but good news for overlanders. Central and Northern Greece is the most ‘off the beaten track’ part of the country. At its heart is Thessaloniki, a buzzing coastal city where you can absorb culture all day, and party all night. Mount Olympus offers stunning views from the top: it’s worth the climb and surprisingly in winter it’s a ski resort.

Athens has a reputation for being busy and dirty…and it is. But see beyond the crowds and the smog, and you’ll start to enjoy the city. Visit its incredible ancient ruins, but take some time to explore its winding backstreets and sit in its cafes, too.

The Peloponnese region is seen by many as Greece’s most authentic. You’ll get to see ancient ruined cities such as the Byzantine Mystra, busy coastal resorts, sleepy fishing villages, mountains: all of Greece is there.

Then there are the islands. While big names like Corfu get the crowds, you’ll still find plenty of unspoilt little islands where life moves slowly and the beaches are empty. Ferries hop between them. Generally, the more idyllic the island, the harder it is to get to. But it’s worth the effort for some first-class R&R and the ability to get to know a side to the Greek Islands that few tourist makers see.

Take a Greece overland tour and bypass the package crowds. From ruins to beaches, it’ll be worth it.

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