Gran Canaria Walking Festival: More than a beach holiday

May 06, 2020 BY Mark Pawlak

Looking for somewhere new to go walking and hiking when the current situation has resolved? There’s an island that each October celebrates its love of both and has an interior that’s begging for further exploration. Hopefully this year you’ll be able to head to the Gran Canaria Walking Festival to find out why this Canarian island offers so much more than a beach holiday.

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Gran Canaria Walking Festival

The 2020 Gran Canaria Walking Festival is penciled in for October 22 – 25 and if it goes ahead will again help open the minds of many people who overlook the island and see it just as a beach holiday destination. Right now, we’ve no guarantee that we’ll be able to get there and this is no encouragement to do so, so please stick to your national health advice.

All I can say is I previously visited and spent a week exploring the island’s incredible mountains and tracks – and found scenes that looked like the European Alps, with cloud crested forests and enormous coastal cliffs. To open this island up to new eyes and fresh legs, the island’s walking festival is setting up a series of walks over one week with dedicated guides to lead you to the best views.

What’s promised is a cultural experience as well as an introduction to parts of the island rarely experienced by other visitors.

More than a beach holiday

In previous years small groups have toured the volcanic crater of Bandana, the famous Arco del Coronado and the volcanoes of La Isleta. Food is served up at local restaurants with transport laid on each day.

So if you are sat on the beach gazing at your navel and wondering what happens on the rest of the island, just head inland.

Road cyclists, windsurfers, surfers have long made this island their getaway. Looking for a late summer adventure holiday, find out more about the Gran Canaria Walking Festival and have a watch of the teaser video, above.

And when you finish in the mountains, get yourselves to north coast and the capital, Las Palmas – itself a top surfing destination – or the east coast for some of the world’s best windsurfing. Once you’re done, you’ll still have time to do the tourist thing – the weather is great year-round so there’s still plenty of beach time to be had in October!

If you would like to know more about the Gran Canaria Walking Festival head to:

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