Glamp vs Camp: 5 Ways Glamping Enhances The Camping Experience

Oct 09, 2023 BY AWE365 Team

Hardcore campers might frown upon the glampers of the world. However, there are many positive aspects of the glamping experience that only serve to enhance the camping experience. So, we’ve taken a look at glamp vs camp and come up with five ways glamping enhances the camping experience.

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I have camped a lot. I have pitched my tent everywhere from top campsites to the wild camping. I have also caravanned, motorhomes and more recently glamped. The beauty of paying the extra to glamp is it is optional, it gives an outdoor experience to people who wouldn’t dream of sleeping in a tent. But also if you like to camp it can make it a more special camping holiday to glamp it up!

5 Ways Glamping Enhances The Camping Experience

When considering whether to glamp vs camp, take a look at these five ways glamping improved time away camping.

You Don’t Have to Go without Power

Most campers have been there before; you forget your portable battery charger and don’t want to keep the car running to charge your phone or tablet. So you end up going without power.

While this might suit some, there’s a definite argument for charging a spare iPad, especially when travelling or camping with kids. Even half an hour can be good for kids and parents alike!

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Glamping often uses solar-power to collect and store energy in an environmentally friendly way. Remember, keep cleaning solar panels to ensure your equipment works effectively!

The Weather Won’t Ruin Your Trip

Some seasoned campers will have experienced the dreaded moment in the middle of the night when a tent pole snaps and the tent collapses. If this is yet to happen to you, you might be looking for camping accommodation in less windy locations. Regardless, wind, rain, and sometimes snow can dampen your trip.

There’s nothing worse than being wet and cold and unable to dry your socks! But the famous glamping yurt is an excellent solution for anyone wanting to experience the highs of camping without worrying about whether the tent will fall. Sturdy yurts often have log burners inside of them to keep you warm and cozy throughout your stay meaning you can even camp all year!.

Home Comforts Bring Greater Joy

Countries that practice hygge come at the top of the world’s happiest countries. Hygge is the Danish concept of relaxation and coziness. That’s why if you bring an extra duvet, not a sleeping bag, or a blow-up mattress to sleep on instead of a roll mat. Meaning with glamping you’ll find an instant increase in cosiness and happiness.

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Why not treat yourself, add extra cushions and warm-glowing fairy lights, and pack your best fluffy socks?

Better Pictures

For the social media users, a glamping experience will be far more shareable than the windswept, tent-collapsing version of events. While both are exciting camping experiences in their own right, glamping with a bed a duvet under the stars is far more shareable then a wet sleeping bag on a hard floor.

A Better Night’s Sleep

Sleep is crucial for your health and ability to carry out daily activities, so being able to sleep well while camping is essential. Not getting enough sleep is also terrible for your health, increasing chances of poor mental health, among other risks.

Whether in a tent or a yurt, having extra comforts around you (like proper pillows) will help you achieve a good night’s sleep. When your sleep improves, so will your mood and the overall experience of your trip.

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Glamp vs Camp

If you’re a “hardy-camper” and don’t like breaking tradition, even borrowing the idea of additional pillows while camping could elevate your experience. You don’t have to stay in a yurt to enhance your trip, but if you do, you might find it hard to go back!

We hope you found this glamp vs camp analysis useful. Do you know other ways glamping enhances the camping experience? If so drop us a line in the comments below.



2 responses to “Glamp vs Camp: 5 Ways Glamping Enhances The Camping Experience”

    • Of course they are. There is a crossover between the two. For example this weekend a friend is staying in a shepherds hut (glamping) and I will be pitching a tent next to it (camping). There is a sliding scale from wild camping without any luxuries, possibly not even a tent, to camping in a campervan or paying for an already erected tent with bedding etc (basic glamping), or staying in a pod/hut (more luxurious glamping). Equally the glamping line continuous into ‘accommodation’ as some have very little outdoors lifestyle associated and are more like an air bnb etc. Check out these different types of camping and let us know where on the scale you fall!

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