Want to get into wakeboarding? 11 beginner wakeboard tips

May 11, 2018 BY AWE365 Team

So you want to get into wakeboarding but not sure how?  These beginner wakeboard tips will help you get started in this exhilarating water sport.

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Why get into wakeboarding?

Learning to wakeboard is fun and not so brutally bruising as learning other board sports such as snowboarding or skateboarding. Don’t get me wrong, falling on water can still hurt, but not as much as falling on concrete or hard packed snow.

The learning process is also quicker, so you will get wakeboarding in no time at all. And there isn’t a better time to learn wakeboarding.

Start this summer, and with these tips for beginners you will soon be wakeboarding. And if you go regularly you will probably be hitting jumps by the end of summer.

Before you know it, you’ll be thinking about which boardies to take on a wakeboard holiday!

11 beginner wakeboard tips

Learning any sport is a bit of a struggle, so here’s 10 beginner wakeboard tips that will help you get into this exciting sport.

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Get lessons

Learning from your mates is a laugh. But you won’t progress as quickly as you will getting proper lessons from a professional instructor. I had wakeboard lessons at Hove Lagoon and went from almost complete beginner to doing a Cab 180 in just half an hour.

Learn in a group

It’s always fun to learn in a group or to have another beginner with you. Most wakeboard schools offer group lessons. Take a camera and have a giggle at the spills, falls and first rides at the end of the day.

Pick your method of learning

Cable parks are the cheapest way of getting onto a board and also the easiest way to learn. Cable wake gives more vertical lift than being towed behind a boat which just applied horizontal pull. This makes it slightly easier for beginners to stand for the first time.

Although fixed loop cable parks are not as easy to learn as 2.0 cables. These go back and forth in a straight line so you are never far from the instructor. Also the speed can be varied depending on the ability of the wakeboarder and it stops if you fall, so there is no long walk back to the start of the cable!

Lessons behind a boat are slightly more difficult, but do have their advantages. Instructors are with you all the time, your mates are in the boat to offer encouragement and there is something more exciting about being towed behind a boat..

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So if you really want to get into wakeboarding perhaps learn the basics on a 2.0 cable and upgrade to a loop when ready. Then splash the cash (pardon the pun) and pay a bit extra to wakeboard behind a boat.

Training bar

A lot of schools have a training bar which extends to the side of the boat. Learning on the training bar gives you a lesson in stability and is slower than being towed by a cable making it easier to get doing.

Keep warm

You may only be in the water for 15/20 minutes at a time but not having to worry about the cold will let you focus on learning. A good wetsuit helps while in the water. Take some dry towels and some warm clothes to wrap up in afterwards.

Learn on holiday

Possibly the best of all the beginner wakeboard tips is to go abroad to learn. There are a plenty of companies offering wakeboarding holidays in Europe that have dedicated wake schools.

Some are on super-warm lakes others on balmy Mediterranean seas. Not only is it much more fun to get into wakeboarding while on holiday, but by focussing on the sport for a week you’ll progress much more quickly.

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Don’t worry about buying gear

When you are starting out don’t worry about buying new equipment as most good schools have decent boards for you to use. These have never been comfier and easier to get on and take off. Full bindings cover the whole foot to keep your toes windproof and warmer!

They will also provide wetsuit, booties, helmet and buoyancy aid. Check out our beginners guide to wakeboarding gear for more info.

Relax and listen

As an instructor I found that the most successful learners where those who could relax and listen to instructions. Remember that the boat or cable will do 90% of the work for you.

Take a break

If you are getting tired, just relax and have a couple of minutes just floating in the water. The instructor will probably ask you if you want to do this anyway.

Expect monday morning aches

Know that you are going to ache! You’ll have used muscles that have never knew you had. Sometimes this happens straight away, the next day or the day after that so be prepared (stretching helps). While you may ache it’s also strangely satisfying knowing how much fun you had!

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Join the community

Remember you are joining an awesome wakeboard community. Joining a club or being part of British Waterski & Wakeboard really opens a community of fun and enthusiastic wakeboarders. You’ll quickly gain new friends in a community that stretches all over Europe.

We hope you found these beginner wakeboard tips useful. If you want to get into wakeboarding then check out our wakeboard discounts as you could save a fortune. 


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