Gear You Can’t Live Without: 3 Essential Items to Survive in the Wild

Sep 14, 2023 BY AWE365 Team

Packing down is a skill. You’ve a floor full of plastic bags, there’s gear everywhere, the clock is ticking and you are running out of rucksack room. You need to pack the gear you can’t live without. What are the three essential items you need to survive in the wild?

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Now while there are some items you can drop, others you’ll never be without. Excluding the sentimental charms and alike, sometimes you have to start lightening the load.

Gear You Can’t Live Without

Now once all the superfluous stuff has been ditched, there’s still some personal trinkets that you’ll never leave behind. Well, imagine you have no choice in the matter. Imagine you have just a minute to grab what three essential items you need to survive in the wild?

Yes, it’s that desert island scenario, but this time you’ll just be able to take three items with you. So, what it is to going to be? The sleeping bag to help you grab a good night’s kip? The cooking gear so you can get food ready? Or will you favour your laptop and headphones for watching editions of Survivor, instead?

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Other than what you are wearing, it’s just you and the elements. So you’ve just one minute to grab your gear: now what’s it gonna be?

3 Essential Items to Survive in the Wild?

Here’s the gear you can’t live without.

Sleeping bag

No matter how warm it is in the daytime, the night is always cold so a sleeping bag is vital. Sleep is vital for the body and without it we’d be in big trouble.

Camping sleeping system How to buy a sleeping bag flickr CC image by JesseLeeRoper

Water carriers/ containers

Even if your island does have rivers and lakes transporting water around is really awkward. You’ll need water to wash to cook and to drink. So a bottle that purifies water would be great.

Penknife/ multi tool

With a penknife or multitool you can make things to help you survive. You can also gut a fish or make a spear.

The trusty Swiss Army knife has plenty of tools to help you survive. But any knife would help. Without one you may need to fashion tools stone age style…

Gear You Can’t Live Without Penknife or multitool Swiss Army by WEnger one of the best pocket knife and tool brands

There have been plenty of examples where people have had to pit themselves against the elements, without a pack full of great adventure gear. These three items are gear you can’t live without! You’ll stand a better chance of surviving then if you take your laptop, wireless headphones and electric toothbrush…

We hope you found this guide to the three essential items you need to survive in the wild interesting. What would you pack – answers in the comments below. And perhaps check out these adventure holidays worldwide for slightly more comfortable ways to enjoy the wilderness.


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