Flag Beach Corralejo kitesurfing: Fuerteventura kitesurf holiday

Mar 15, 2018 BY Paul McWilliams

Want to learn to kitesurf in one of the world’s best spots? Then a Fuerteventura kitesurf holiday could be just what you’re looking for. And with decades of experience, Flag Beach Corralejo kitesurfing lessons and camps are a fantastic option.

Flag Beach Corralejo kitesurfing Fuerteventura kitesurf holiday image courtesy of Flag Beach watersports centre

Based around the best kitesurfing beach in Fuerteventura you can’t go wrong. With miles of sand, reliable conditions and comprehensive tuition options. Whatever your level Flag Beach is a great place to learn and to improve.

Flag Beach Corralejo kitesurfing

Flag Beach is located in the north of Fuerteventura starting at the southern Edge of Corralejo. The beach features around seven kilometres of white sand – three of which you can kite. Plus there are prominent cross shore winds during the summer months.

March to November is when the wind is at its most reliable. Conditions are well suited to all types kiting – including freestyle, wave riding, racing and downwind racing.

In the winter months, wind directions are less reliable so Flag Beach is not always suitable. But you can still kitesurf at a number of other nearby spots with boat access.

Flag Beach Kitesurfing School

Flag Beach Kitesurfing School have been teaching kitesurfing since 1999 (having originally set up in 1988 to teach windsurfing). It was one of the first major kitesurfing schools set up in Spain, and the first on Fuerteventura, so there’s a real pedigree.

All of their teaching is carried out using their semi-rigid inflatable boats so they can take you to the best beach for the conditions. But also because in the high season the water can get a little busy so a boat gives flexibility to learn where there is space and for instructors to be close to students.

Flag Beach Corralejo kitesurfing Fuerteventura kitesurf holiday image courtesy of Flag Beach watersports centre

Furthermore, if you head downwind it’s a 20-minute circuit. So rather than spending 12 minutes walking back up the beach for an eight-minute downwind ride, the boat can pick you up so you spend more time on the water. A boat also provides an extra dimension of safety, so if you do get into trouble the team can get to you quickly.

Fuerteventura kitesurf holiday: Lessons

With over 35 years of combined teaching experience, Flag Beach Kitesurfing School have developed an efficient method to get you up kiting and improving quickly. The boat means you have flexibility to kite anywhere around the northern tip of Fuerteventura, regardless of wind direction. And 100% of your time is spent in the water.

The centre is VDWS recognised and all instructors are IKO certified, and they offer the IKO kiteboarder card. The Flag Beach team create a safe and fun learning environment and speak six languages between them.

Flag Beach Corralejo kitesurfing Fuerteventura kitesurf holiday image courtesy of Flag Beach watersports centre

And it doesn’t matter what level you are. Whether it’s your first time kitesurfing or you’re looking to perfect your technique, there are lessons available for all level of kitesurfer. Classes can be booked by the day or in blocks during your stay.

Fuerteventura kitesurf holiday: Camps

If you’re looking for a more intensive kitesurfing experience, then you can join a Flag Beach Corralejo kitesurfing camp. Hosted at the Sol y Mar surf hostel in the heart of Corralejo, it’s a great way to make the most of your kitesurfing time and learn quickly.

Plus, you’ll meet like minded people from all over the world and will be just a few minutes’ walk from the best bars and restaurants in town. There’s a choice of camp lengths depending on your requirements, just get in touch to let the team know how long you want to stay.

Flag Beach Corralejo kitesurfing Fuerteventura kitesurf holiday image courtesy of Flag Beach watersports centre

Whatever you choose, you’re guaranteed the best prices on Fuerteventura. All camps also include all the necessary equipment, transport to and from the beach, plus kitesurfing insurance.

We hope you enjoyed this guide to Flag Beach Corralejo kitesurfing. If you want to book a Fuerteventura kitesurf holiday then we recommend Flag Beach Watersports Centre: www.flagbeach.com

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