Five reasons to go on a couples learn to sail holiday

Jul 11, 2015 BY Paul McWilliams

For many people, learning to sail is a lifelong goal – a real bucket list activity. Yet all too often people put it off or think it will take too long to achieve. The truth is, however, that on a couples learn to sail holiday both you and your partner can train towards a basic skipper level. You can get your International Certificate of Competence (ICC) while enjoying all the sightseeing and sailing holiday perks you would expect.

Five reasons to go on a couples learn to sail holiday image courtesy of Activity Yachting

Activity Yachting’s sailing weeks, off the beautiful Dalmatian coast of Croatia, start from as little as £330/€395 a week and run from April to October, with a further small fee on arrival for mooring and yacht costs. Apart from great deals like this, we’ve come up with five more reasons to convince you it’s time to start living your dreams and enjoy a couples learn to sail holiday.

Enjoying a new hobby, together

Activity Yachting LogoA sailing break is a great way to spend time together while learning new skills and enjoying new experiences. And if you can do all this in a place that’s as stunningly beautiful as Croatia, then it’s all the better. Plus you get to work towards the ICC, the minimum skipper certificate that you’ll need to charter and skipper a yacht on your own. Once it’s under your belt it opens up a world of possibilities.

Meeting other couples

Of course, on a sailing holiday you’ll also get to meet like minded people enjoying the same experience. You’ll make new friends on board the yacht, which can be specially designed for couples, singles or family groups. You’ll also be part of a flotilla, along with other boats, offering an even wider social scene to enjoy during your trip.

Five reasons to go on a couples learn to sail holiday image courtesy of Activity Yachting

Keeping the costs down

Being part of the Activity Yachting flotilla is a great way to make the most of a sailing experience without the high costs of chartering your own boat, especially if you’re not a qualified skipper and need to hire crew too. Spread the costs with your fellow guests and work towards your own ICC, meaning you can enjoy a lifetime of better value yacht charter in the future.

Much more than lying on a beach 

Holidays are supposed to be about recharging the batteries, and to a certain extent this can involve lying on a beach. However, if you’re an active, adventurous type, we’re pretty sure that after a couple of days doing little to nothing you’ll be bored stiff. On a couples learn to sail holiday, there’ll be plenty of down time to drink in the rays but also enough activity to keep you busy and engaged for your whole trip. Plus, after a whole day on the boat, you’ll sleep better than ever before.

Five reasons to go on a couples learn to sail holiday image courtesy of Activity Yachting

A new way to travel

Walking around the tourist hotspots and checking out the frescos in the local church is one way of seeing a country. But taking to the water and exploring the nooks and crannies of its coastline, experiencing local fishing culture and eating in the freshest seafood restaurants on the planet is a very different way of getting to know a place that is well worth experiencing.

Activity Yachting LogoActivity Yachting’s couples learn to sail holidays really tick a lot of boxes. As well as satisfying a lifelong desire to learn to sail, you get to benefit from affordable sailing and experience real local Croatian culture while seeing parts of the country that other tourists can’t. Plus, you’ll be doing all this with your other half, whilst learning new skills and working towards a useful ICC qualification. Now that’s a proper holiday.

If you would like to find out more about couples learn to sail holidays then check out Activity Yachting’s website: or give them a call on +44 (0)1243 641304.

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