Five of the best US windsurfing holiday spots

Sep 02, 2015 BY AWE365 Team

Originally called sail boarding, windsurfing was invented by an innovative young man called S. Newman Darby. Legend has it that Darby invented the sport in 1965 on the Susquehanna River, Pennsylvania. Since then the sport has exploded across the world, but going back to it’s roots what are the best US windsurfing holiday spots?

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Best US windsurfing holiday spots

Windsurfing emerged in the wake of the popularity of surfing. With the majority of the US having no access to waves the sport gave islanders – and coastal dwellers – with no available surf the chance to experience something similar. It grew rapidly and by 1984 had been added to the Olympic roster, giving it a more official status.

With an estimated 1.2 million windsurfers in the US today, and it being the birthplace of the sport, we thought it fit to give you a rundown of five of the best US windsurfing holiday spots. So book your accommodation and set sail (although flying is probably easier) to the US for some of the world’s best windsurfing action on the planet.

Of course the Unites States is a huge place, so narrowing it down to five was tough and some top spots unfortunately had to be left off. We judged it not just on the quality of the windsurfing but on destinations that are great to visit for a holiday. In no particular order here are five of the best US windsurfing holiday spots.

San Francisco Bay, California

San Francisco one of the best US windsurfing holiday spots Flickr image by Craig Morey

Windsurfing in the iconic ‘Frisco Bay just has to be experienced. With a stunning shoreline and reliable wind, this should be near the top of any windsurfer’s list of ideal destinations. It’s the home of loads of great competitions and when you’re done on the water for the day, the legendary nightlife offers plenty to keep you entertained.

Merritt Island, Florida

Its location on the gulf means there are some big wind and spectacular water to windsurf on Merritt Island on the east coast of the US. There’s a really chilled out vibe too, which when combined with the near perfect conditions, makes this a windsurfer’s paradise not to be missed and a great spot for a holiday in tropical waters.

Lake Michigan, Illinois

Seeing as the sport was invented inland, it seems only fitting to include a non-coastal destination. One of the Great Lakes, this huge body of water is battered by big winds and almost feels like an ocean. In the summer months the temperature gets right up there, creating great conditions for hitting the water. Then head into metropolitan Chicago for the evening to enjoy some top nightlife.

Maui, Hawaii

There are plenty of reasons to go to Hawaii. The fact that it’s one of the most beautiful places on earth is definitely one of them. But you might not know that the island of Maui is also one of the best US windsurfing holiday spots. With epic wave riding potential but also flat water for beginners there is a good variety of conditions and plenty of wind. Be careful – you might never want to leave.

Maui Hawaii one of the best US windsurfing holiday spots Flickr image by Mauishooter

South Padre Island, Texas

Famed for its beautiful beaches, banging nightlife and great weather, this southern US destination makes for some great windsurfing. South Padre Island is a barrier island with a lagoon one side with great flat water conditions for beginner, speed and trying tricks, and the ocean the other side with waves and more challenging conditions.

So rather than surfing the web, get out there surfing the wind. Book a vacation to one of these best US windsurfing holiday spots and you are in for a great time both on and off the water.

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