Five ice cold adventures we would like to try

Jan 29, 2015 BY AWE365 Team

Here at AWE365 we like a challenge. So when Berghaus asked us to come up with our top five ice cold adventures we jumped at the task. Coming up with ideas wasn’t a problem, but limiting them to just five was a bit of a nightmare. Still, we think we’ve done a pretty good job.

Ice cold adventures image by Wikimedia

Berghaus are scouring the globe to find the best things to do in cold places as part of their Ice Cold Adventures campaign. All you have to do is tell them about your own chilly challenges (either trips you’ve done or ones you’d love to tackle) and you could win a £250 Berghaus voucher. So, to get you in the mood, here is our top five.

Snowkite to the South Pole

It’s only just over 100 years ago that mankind reached the South Pole, in one of the greatest races for discovery ever known. So, the very thought of doing the same on a snowkite is pretty mind-blowing. But then who knows, if Scott or Amundsen had had snowkites at their disposal the result could have been very different.

Ice cold adventures flickr image by Konstantin Zamkov

Ice diving in the Arctic

It’s hard to imagine how anything can survive in the freezing waters of the Arctic but life flourishes. Cod, wolf fish, white whales, seals and plenty more all somehow manage to make a life here. And the incredible ice formations make this an underwater environment like no other on the planet. Visibility is usually exceptional and there’s even a few wrecks to explore. Diving below the Arctic ice is an exhilarating and eerie experience that we’d just love to try.

Glacier surfing in Greenland

OK, so we know that the ice caps melting is a very bad thing indeed. But if all that ice is going to be sliding off into the sea, then we might as well use it for something positive. When tonnes of ice come crashing into the water, it makes some pretty incredible waves, creating probably the world’s weirdest and wildest surf spot.

Ice cold adventures flickr image by Gressoney2005

Heliski/board in Alaska

There’s no doubt that having a helicopter opens up a few doors in terms of places you can ski. Catch the chopper up to the top of these 5,000 feet vertical drops and play in powder backdropped by  incredible scenery. Heliskiing/boarding is going to be epic where ever you do it, but they make all those freeride videos in Alaska for good reason.

Ice climbing in Norway

If you’ve ever seen the classic war film The Heroes of Telemark you might be aware of the audacious ice climb carried out by Norwegian resistance fighters during the war. We’d just love to take on some of these epic ice climbs, and while it’s still pretty dangerous the lack of a Nazi atomic research plant below you means it’s a little more fun than when the Rjukan Valley was first climbed 70 years ago.

So, those are our top five ice cold adventures. What are yours? Let Berghaus know and you could win yourself some top gear. You can enter here:

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