Five of the best snowkiting holidays from the UK

Jun 03, 2014 BY Paul McWilliams

As snowkiting grows year on year, the possibilities for great destinations get bigger too. With more people getting into the sport, the increased demand has led to the development of new snowkiting areas around the world. As you might expect, some are better than others so how do you know which are the best snowkiting holidays from the UK?

Best snowkiting holidays Fotopedia image by Konstantin Zamkov

Well, that’s where we come in. We’ve put together this list of five of the very best snowkiting holidays from the UK. But remember to get there quickly as these places are sure to get pretty popular over the coming years. As with any ‘best of’ this is purely the authors opinion and you are encouraged to let us know yours….

Haugastol, Norway

Located on the Hardangervidda Mountain Plateau, the largest in Northern Europe with around 8,760 square kilometres to explore, this is an absolute must for anyone serious about snowkiting. Huge flats, hills and mountains covered in massive amounts of snow make conditions almost perfect, with many kiters staying here for the whole winter season. For more information check out the Snowkiter website.

Härjedalen, Sweden

Found in the Alpine area of Sweden, this large plateau and lake region has around twelve amazing snowkiting spots to discover. With top winds for six in every seven days on average, conditions are ideal and with plenty of backcountry to try out your skills, you won’t be too bothered by the other riders. FreeAir Adventure runs great snowkiting and wilderness holidays here.

Best snowkiting holidays Wikimedia image by Andreas Schwarzkopf

Valais, Switzerland

Located on the Swiss-Italian border near the quiet town of Brig, this picturesque place is only a couple of hours from Milan or Geneva by train. Four stunning snowkiting areas offer fresh and unexplored terrain (certainly since the last snowfall at least) and with plenty of other facilities close by, there is plenty to do when you’re not kiting. The Big Blue Experience run long weekend trips here during the season.

Langjokull, Iceland

This massive glacier on the incredible and totally unique island of Iceland is backdropped by high mountains and volcanoes, which makes this more than just any old snowkiting trip (not that there really is such a thing). With conditions and terrain suitable for riders of all levels and plenty of other benefits, including geothermal hot tubs, superjeeps and local cuisine, this is a top snowkiting spot. Check out for more information.

Best snowkiting holidays Wikimedia image by Wareck

New England, USA

Not the first name on your lips when you think of snowkiting but then that’s exactly why this is a top destination. Huge wilderness lakes freeze all winter (which is long in this part of the world), including Winnipesaukee and Moosehead, with thousands of square kilometres to build up some serious speed.You need to be prepared here though because sometimes you’ll be a good few hours from the nearest civilisation. But this also definitely helps to make it one of the best snowkiting holidays in the world. Check out Hardwater Kiting for more information.

So there we have it five of the best snowkiting holidays from the UK. Agree? Disagree? Let us know your top destinations for us Brits to snowkite in the below comments.


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