Five of the best Morocco kitesurfing spots

Jul 25, 2014 BY Paul McWilliams

Miles of golden sandy beaches, reliable surf breaks and Atlantic winds make Morocco one of the best kitesurfing destinations in the world. With established surf centres, unspoilt coastline and undiscovered kitesurfing beaches, you can take your pick of the best Morocco kitesurfing spots.

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With a couple of destinations firmly established on the world championship circuit, and the sport growing in popularity, there are plenty of local companies offering affordable holidays.

Flight times from northern Europe to both Marrakech and Agadir are just over three hours, so it’s a relatively short flight. All of which makes the best Morocco kitesurfing spots perfect for short and long breaks. Here’s a quick run down of five of the best.


Known as the Wind Capital of Africa, Essaouira offers great kiting all year round. The unspoilt traditional charm of the town contrasts well with the modern, international crowd on the water, meaning there’s a little bit of everything to enjoy. Conditions are suitable for more experienced riders, as winds can be big, but beginners are catered for too. Check out Kitemorocco’s Essaouira Kite & Surf Center for more information.


Situated a little further south (technically it’s in Western Sahara but under Moroccan control), Dakhla is a great spot to beat the winter blues. It’s blessed with some of the most consistent wind conditions on the planet.

Situated on a peninsula on one side there is a protected lagoon surrounded by sand dunes for flat water and on the other the Atlantic swell delivers world class surf. There’s also plenty to at night with a lot of surf camps in the area. Check out for a range of kitesurfing and accommodation options.

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Azemmour beach

Situated just north of El Jadida, between Casablanca and Essaouira, this unspoilt beach is a more secluded spot. Only 50 minutes drive from Casablanca airport and with a few hotels and surf schools, it’s different to the larger resorts we’ve described above but comes with a charm all of its own.

Quieter waters and huge expanses of golden beaches add to the appeal. There’s also clean water, sandy bottoms and low currents, perfect for beginners.


Perhaps better known as a beach resort destination, there’s great waves and kitesurfing too. The three mile beach can be busy in high season but at other times of the year it’s much quieter.

With warm waters in summer months and plenty of accommodation to choose from throughout the year, plus its own airport, this is a convenient short break destination. Check out Taghazout Kitesurf School for more information.

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Sidi Kaouki

This 5km bay comes complete with one to three metre-high waves and very reliable winds. It’s well known around the world for its exceptional surfing conditions. With you also get to use a stylish Moroccan villa as your clubhouse, with dressing rooms and lockers at your disposal. It’s a really relaxed kitesurf destination.

Morocco has definitely earned its reputation as one of the world’s best kitesurfing destinations. Hundreds of days of sunshine a year, Atlantic wind conditions and traditional charm make the best Morocco kitesurfing spots some of the best on the planet.

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