Five of the best Mediterranean kayaking holidays

Mar 05, 2014 BY Paul McWilliams

If you had to sit down and design a perfect sea kayaking destination from scratch the place you would come up with would look just like the Mediterranean. Bordering a huge array of landscapes, from Southern Europe to North Africa and even the Middle East, there’s a good reason the best Mediterranean kayaking holidays are some of the finest on the planet.

Best Mediterranean kayaking holidays image of Kolocep Island Croatia courtesy of Val Tours

With crystal clear waters and majestic beaches surrounding historic and ancient port cities, kayaking around the Mediterranean gives you a chance to explore waters that have dominated history.

From epic Greek adventures to conquering Roman armies, it’s easy to see why people have fought for land around this incredible body of water. Here are five of the very best Mediterranean kayaking holidays to choose from.

Greek island adventures

No article about kayaking in the Mediterranean would be complete without discussing the gorgeous Greek coastline and islands. Greece is a destination that oozes history and mystery, with idyllic beaches, azure waters, hidden coves and authentic Greek villages to explore. It’s a sea kayaker’s paradise. On top of this there is the warm hospitality the Greeks are renowned for and excellent food to sample.

Based on Poros Island, Greek Island Activities offer stunning kayaking packages up and down the coast from here. With an emphasis on fun, adventure and learning the skills of sea kayaking, you’ll develop your experience and confidence in the most beautiful location imaginable.

Mediterranean Kayaking in Poros - Greek Island Activities

You’ll also get to stay in some fantastic Greek accommodation, located 50 metres from the beach, and sample some of the region’s best traditional cooking. Perhaps you will pick up a thing or two to try out in the kitchen back home!

A sea kayaking holiday with Greek Island Activities is the perfect combination of education and environment, and is a truly unforgettable kayaking experience. You can find out more by visiting:

Sea kayaking Dubrovnik

One of the most beautiful and historic cities in the Med, the walled port of Dubrovnik sits on Croatia’s stunning Adriatic coastline. Explore the caves and coves that are gently lapped by some of the clearest waters you can find on the planet.

Island hop from Lopud to Kolocep and Sipan, all picture book islands covered in green pine forest with no traffic and just a few hundred residents on each. This is a coastline steeped in history with settlements predating Roman occupation.

Best Mediterranean kayaking holidays image by Val Tours

The kayaking is easy too, and suitable for ages fourteen upwards. No previous experience is necessary to enjoy the splendour all around you. And if you’re lucky, you might even come across some friendly dolphins who will escort you on your journey. With one week’s kayaking available from 620 EUR per person, you can find out more about this incredible trip by visiting Val Tours.


This beautiful and traditional Mediterranean island belongs to Italy but possesses a charm and character all of its own. Make the beautiful Bay of Orosei is your base, from there you can explore the coves of Marloulu, the rocky outcrop of Goloritze and the dozens of beautiful beaches that line the coast.

Best Mediterranean kayaking holidays Wikimedia image by Clem Rutter


A kayaking trip along the Mediterranean coast of Morocco will see you paddling from the African side of the straights of Gibraltar along the coast towards Algeria. Spend a couple of days in the interesting city of Tangiers before you set off and where you reach is down to your time-scales and stamina. There are many beautiful beaches, some of which can only be reached from the water so you will have them all to yourself.


Not always thought of as a traditional Mediterranean destination, Israel and the Middle East border this vast body of water and offer yet another perspective on how important this sea is to the countries that surround it. Israel’s Mediterranean coast is beautiful and dotted with sites of enormous historic importance. People have been navigating these waters for millennia and the sense of history is palpable.

So, there you have it, five very different adventures but without doubt some of the best Mediterranean kayaking holidays you will find anywhere.

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