Five of the best beginner wakeboard camps worldwide

Apr 24, 2014 BY Paul McWilliams

There’s no better way to learn to wakeboard than on a camp holiday experience. A concentrated blast of learning and riding will get you to where you want to be much faster than taking piecemeal lessons. And with a choice of beginner wakeboard camps worldwide, you can combine it with a bit of a holiday too.

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Getting away to somewhere warm or where the conditions are perfect makes the whole experience more fun. The chances are you’ll be hitting the water a lot as you learn, so warm water will make the experience more enjoyable. Here are five of the best beginner wakeboard camps worldwide.

Water Monkey, New Hampshire, USA

Some might call it a camp, others call it the ultimate summer watersports experience, and who are we to argue? These camps in New Hampshire, are aimed at kids between the ages of eleven and seventeen, providing a fun and safe camp experience where they will work on their wakeboarding every day with expert coaching. Plus, with loads of friends to make and plenty of other activities to enjoy, this is an experience they will never forget. Find out more by visiting the Water Monkey website.

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Orlando Watersports Complex, Florida, USA

Remember what we said about good weather? Well it doesn’t get much better than Florida. The complex tries to open up the sport to everyone, making it perfect for beginners. Great coaches will get you boarding like a pro in no time, and a little birdie tells me there might just be some other fun stuff to do in Orlando too. If you’re looking for the best beginner wakeboard camps worldwide then Orlando Watersports Complex is hard to beat.

Wakelake, Bratislava, Slovakia

A number of the world’s best riders come from Slovakia, and with camps like this on their doorstep it’s not really surprising. Situated next to a city beach, in funky Bratislava, there is plenty going down on the shore and in the town to keep to keep you more than entertained when you’re not learning to ride. With a season that runs from March until October, and free weekday morning wakeboarding for beginners Wakelake is a great place to learn.

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Aquaski Cable Way, Belgrade, Serbia

Home to the Cable Wake European Championships a few years back, this cable park on Lake Ada is always popular. With expert tuition from leading riders, as well as a constant party on the shoreline, this is one of the most fun places to learn. Belgrade is one of Europe’s last undiscovered gems, a city that knows how to party, and with prices very affordable. To find out more check out

Shambala Resort, Lake Dok Rai, Thailand

Swim from the front door of your cabin to the wakeboard launch at this incredible beginner camp destination. Glassy waters, tree-lined hills as a backdrop and guaranteed warm weather make this even better. Plus you have all the added cultural benefits of being in Thailand. Easily one of the best beginner wakeboard camps worldwide and only £400 for an all inclusive beginners week, find out more here:

So there we have it five of the best beginner wakeboard camps worldwide. If you know of a beginner wake camp that should make the list let us know, there is always room to add more.

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