Five of the best Adriatic sailing breaks

Jul 16, 2014 BY Paul McWilliams

For most people the perfect stretch of coastline looks a lot like the Adriatic. Crystal clear water, gentle summer climate, quaint villages and historic fortress cities give the Adriatic a magical quality and broad appeal. It’s what makes the best Adriatic sailing breaks so memorable.

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The Adriatic’s contrast of picturesque, quiet bays and exciting nightlife, modern facilities and ancient cities – is all wrapped up with national parks, natural harbours and UNESCO World Heritage sites. The body of water separates Italy and the Balkan peninsula, and the overlooking Apennines and Dinaric Alps create stunning scenery.

The bordering countries of Italy, Croatia, Albania, Montenegro, Slovenia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina mean there’s a huge diversity on the best Adriatic sailing breaks suitble for all level of sailor. Below are five of our favourites.

Learn to sail in Croatia

Learn to sail or skipper a yacht as part of a week-long flotilla holiday along Croatia’s exquisite Dalmatian coast. These trips with Activity Yachting are perfect for beginners and those looking to learn the ropes. Those with some existing experience can also take their internationally recognised ICC skippers qualification.

It’s a varied flotilla, catering for singles, couples, groups and families (families and groups have their own yachts). With up to twelve or more boats joining each flotilla there are plenty of people to socialise with at stops and in the evenings. With reliable Force 2 to Force 6 winds you’ll sail along the northern Croatian coast, south from Zadar to Sibenik and around some of the islands, with the beautiful Kornati and Krka national parks along the coast.

You can find out more by calling Activity Yachting on (UK) 01243 641304 or by visiting:

Best Adriatic sailing breaks image by Activity Yachting

Skipper courses around the Croatian islands

Mediterrana offer skipper sailing courses for those who already have a grasp of the basics. The courses takes place around Jezera on Murter Island in the central Adriatic. You’ll learn all the responsibilities of a skipper, managing crew members, handling boats, navigation and plenty more. You’ll soon realise that skippering and ordinary sailing are two very different propositions, but its well worth the extra effort to boost your skill set. And what better place to take the next step?

Adriatic island cruise

For a more relaxed sailing experience in the Adriatic, check out the options available with Adriatic Challenge. Choose from a number of yachts to charter, including different sizes of Bavaria cruisers. From their base in Biograd, Croatia, you’ll head out and explore the sailing routes along the coastline, harbouring in secluded coves and exploring the islands, away from the hustle and bustle of the mainland.

Italian Adriatic charters

Off the west coast of Italy, this stretch of the Adriatic is dotted with islets to explore. With famous marinas, including Marina di Revenna, Marina Del Cavallino and Trieste and, of course, the world-famous Venice, the Italian Adriatic is loaded with great stopping points. There are also lagoons, deltas and lush coastline with deserted sandy beaches, all explored from your own chartered sailing boat. Find out more at

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Learn to sail in Montenegro

The truly stunning Kotor bay in Montenegro is really worth checking out. With huge rocky sides, it is one of the top attractions in this undiscovered Balkans gem, one of the least densely populated countries in Europe. Day sailing trips are available or book in for a longer adventure. Find out more at

That’s our pick of five, but if you feel we have missed one of the best Adriatic sailing breaks, then please leave a comment below.

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