Five beautiful spots to learn to sail in the UK

Jan 11, 2017 BY Paul McWilliams

Would you like to take up sailing? Then these five beautiful spots to learn to sail in the UK tick all the boxes. Britannia may not rule the waves anymore, but Britain’s historical status as a maritime nation means sailing is still very popular in the United Kingdom.

Isle of Wight is one of the most beautiful spots to learn to sail in the UK Flickr image by barryskeates

Learn to sail in the UK

These days sailing is less of a practical necessity and more of a fun way to spend your time, especially with some of the most beautiful sailing spots around the British coastline and inland lakes. If you’re going to learn to sail in the UK, the following locations are hard to beat.

We’ve tried to include a variety of spots around the UK, so there should be something for everyone. If you’ve been planning on taking up sailing, what better excuse do you need than world-class tuition at one of these five beautiful spots to learn to sail in the UK?


Anglesey is a small but incredibly beautiful island off the north coast of Wales. Connected to the mainland by Thomas Telford’s stunning Menai Suspension Bridge over the straits, and famous as a crossing point to Ireland, its geographical location makes it a great place to learn to sail.

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Sail around the coast, or experience skippered courses to the Emerald Isle and Isle of Man. The Royal Anglesey Yacht Club also hosts an annual Menai Straits Regatta. Phil’s Adventure Sailing School offers a range of courses for beginners and more advanced sailors.

Scilly Isles

Crystal clear waters, uninhabited islands and majestic sandy coastline make the Scilly Isles a sailor’s paradise. The waters are un-crowded and the sheltered bays provide ample space to learn the ropes.

Their position off the south-western tip of the Cornish peninsula means that the islands have a rich sailing history and lifestyle on which to draw. Based in St Mary’s on Tresco, The Sailing Centre offers tuition and sailing courses for all levels.

Learn to sail in the UK flickr image by Polandeze


The least densely populated county in England, and one of the most beautiful, Northumberland has a coastline to match. With Holy Island and the seal colonies of the Farnes Islands being North Sea highlights, this is a spectacular destination.

And there is also Bamburgh Castle rising imperially over the water to marvel at as you learn the basics. The sea can occasionally be a little rough, so why not go inland and learn the ropes at the Kielder Water and Forest Park? Find out more by contacting the Royal Northumberland Yacht Club.

Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is always associated with UK sailing thanks to the world-famous Cowes Week, one of the longest running regattas in the world. The island itself is a great place to learn to sail with waters suitable for all levels.

Learn to sail in the UK flickr image by LoopZilla

The Solent might be one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world and worth avoiding, but all around the rest of the island, from Bembridge to Yarmouth you’ll find some of the most beautiful sailing spots in the UK. Check out the Flying Fish sailing school to find out more about beginner lessons.

Windermere, The Lake District

With around fifteen million people visiting each year, The Lake District is one of the world’s biggest tourist attractions. But then when it looks like it does, it’s hardly surprising. Windermere is perhaps the most famous of the lakes and a beautiful spot to learn the basics.

As it’s a lake, conditions should be slightly easier for beginners wanting to learn to sail in the UK. And, of course, as well as some great sailing, there are countless other activities, amenities and places to explore in the area. The Windermere Outdoor Adventure Centre runs sailing courses, as well as offering a range of other watersports.

Lake Windermere one of the most beautiful spots to learn to sail in the UK Flickr image by Janet Ramsden

There are many other beautiful spots to learn to sail in the UK, as well as the five we’ve mentioned. In a way, you’re spoilt for choice, so the only thing to do is to learn the ropes and then you can head out exploring as many of them as you can.

If these five beautiful spots to learn to sail in the UK have you gagging to get your sea (or lake!) legs then check out our sailing discounts as you could save yourself a fortune.


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