Fancy the best Spanish rock climbing holiday in Costa Blanca?

May 08, 2018 BY Luke Rees

A rock climbing holiday in the Costa Blanca gives you the chance to take on some of the most exciting single and multi-pitch crags in Spain. Climbing the white limestone coastline of Alicante, you can experience the best Spanish rock climbing holiday year round.

Fancy the best Spanish rock climbing holiday in Costa Blanca? View from Polupi crag image by Rock and Sun photo by Nick Riley

Costa Blanca is one of Spain’s most developed climbing destinations. You’ll find a variety of classic sport climbs, as well as sea cliffs, mountain crags and more. And with a good range of budget flight options from around Europe, all of this is just a couple of hours away.

Best Spanish rock climbing holiday

Spain is the best climbing destination in Europe, and probably the world. And Rock & Sun, established in 2002, is a UK-based company that provides exceptional climbing experiences worldwide, especially in the renowned Costa Blanca area.

What makes them stand out is the world-class instruction from their fully qualified guides, each at MIA or equivalent standard. You don’t just get basic instruction. They’ll study your movement, and offer suggestions and advice on how to improve your climbing, even recommending exercises to make climbing more energy-efficient.

Climbing analysis during the best Spanish rock climbing holiday in Costa Blanca? View from Polupi crag image by Rock and Sun

Rock climbing holiday in Costa Blanca

On the limestone cliffs of the Costa Blanca, there’s a wealth of climbing for all styles and ability levels. Take on impressive crags, sea cliffs, mountain ridges, canyons and more.

Rock & Sun have worked hard to develop new routes, so you can take on faces that haven’t seen too much traffic from other climbers. They’ll take you to whole crags that you won’t find in the guidebooks or online. And know that a percentage of your holiday goes towards upkeep of the climbing routes.

With a wealth of experience in the area guiding and teaching climbers of all ability levels, Rock & Sun are able to choose the right crag for you whatever the conditions. With their guidance you’ll visit crags perfectly suited to your experience to help you progress and have a great time.

And with an average of 300 days of sunshine here each year, you can climb during any season. Hit the face early in the morning and late in the evening during summer to avoid the heat. And enjoy the mild winters where climbing is still comfortable. You can see why the Costa Blanca is such a popular climbing destination.

Why choose a Rock & Sun?

Apart from the superb climbing and expert tuition, there are several other good reasons to choose Rock & Sun. With 15 years of experience running climbing holidays, they know a thing or two about making them stand out.

That’s why they offer superior accommodation in a modern self-catering villa. You’ll get a comfortable double or twin room. So there’ll be no hauling yourself into a dorm bunk at the end of a tough day on the face. The villa is located in the stunning Jalon valley, surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and orange trees – with plenty of amenities nearby.

Fancy the best Spanish rock climbing holiday in Costa Blanca? Font d' Axia photo by Rock & Sun client Robyn Blair

Plus, they offer airport pick up and drop off as part of the package. So you won’t have to haggle with the cabbies at Alicante airport or navigate your way on local buses. It’s hassle-free and comfort touches like this that make all the difference.

They work hard to create a friendly and inclusive atmosphere on your Spanish rock climbing holiday in Costa Blanca. So you’ll feel like a group of friends climbing together. Overall you get the perfect combination of location, instruction and fun.

So do you fancy joining the best Spanish rock climbing holiday in Costa Blanca? Check out Rock & Sun for more information:

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