Vilimalé Snorkelling trip: Marine Conservation in The Maldives

Gain an insight into Marine Conservation in The Maldives from local conservationists and contribute to our conservation effort on the Vilimalé Snorkelling trip.

5 hours
$150 to 150
Vilimalé Snorkelling trip: Marine Conservation in The Maldives

Travel to Villimale’ by public ferry and snorkel with local conservationists and actively contribute to our conservation effort in Villimale’. You will gain an understanding of Marine Conservation in The Maldives and  the ecosystems and conservation challenges arising from coastal development unique to small island states. Enjoy a tour of the island of Villimale’ observing island life and the impact of land reclamation and harbour development first hand. Share traditional Maldivian afternoon tea ‘hedika’ at a local tea shop with the “Save the Beach” reef conservation group. A percentage of the Vilimalé Snorkelling trip rate is donated to Save the Beach.

Price Includes

  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Safety Briefings/Services of Guide
  • Hedika Experience
  • All transfers from Villimale Ferry Terminal
  • Local Taxes ( 10% Service charge, 12% GST)

Price Excludes

  1. Anything not listed under inclusions

What to expect

Itinerary for the Vilimalé Snorkelling trip and insight into Marine Conservation in The Maldives

A short 10-minute ferry crossing takes us away from the hubbub of Malé city to the island of Villimalé. Formerly a prison island and once a resort, Villimalé provides a haven of tranquillity for its residents, many of whom commute to the capital daily. We will meet a member of the NGO Save the Beach at the jetty. Save the Beach started in 2008 as a youth movement in Villingili (now named Villimalé) to conserve the beaches in Villingili. Save the Beach has also planted trees in and around Vilingili and organizes community activities throughout the year.

A 60-minute walking tour of the island provides an insight into the conservational challenges that face an island during development by showing how Villimalé has transformed from an island with rich biodiversity on land and in the sea, to one that is struggling to maintain its natural ecosystems. You can witness these impacts firsthand with the local conservationists during the tour and they will show you images of Villimalé’s past as you observe the present.

You will see a presentation that will cover the challenges for conservation vs development, safe snorkeling, and dive practices, and provides details on how you can make an active difference at the coral nursery on the Villimalé reef.

Head to the local dive school and meet with the team that supports the reef conservation efforts. You will be shown how to perform the tasks that may be assigned to you by the snorkel leader before entering the water.

Once out of the water, your guide will take you to a local tea shop where you can sample traditional ‘hedhika’ traditional sweet and savory snacks served with black tea and taken between 3.00 and 5.00 pm. When it is time to leave your guide will walk with you to the ferry terminal and accompany you back to Malé.


Vilimalé Snorkelling trip: Marine Conservation in The Maldives: From $150 to $150 for 5 hours

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