Uganda canoe trip: Sunrise or sunset canoeing at Lake Mutanda

Sunrise or sunset canoeing at Lake Mutanda. This Uganda canoe trip near Bwindi & Mgahinga gorilla national parks is magical with many birds, otters and more.

4 hours
£30 to 60
Africa, Lake Mutanda, Uganda
Uganda canoe trip: Sunrise or sunset canoeing at Lake Mutanda

How about a Uganda canoe trip before or after your visit to Bwindi or Mgahinga gorilla national parks? Try the sunrise or sunset canoeing at Lake Mutanda for a magical experience bird watching, otter spotting and much more.

Generally taken to be the most stunning freshwater body in Uganda, Lake Mutanda is one of the great places you cannot miss to visit during your time in the “Pearl of Africa.” Lake Mutanda is just six kilometers and 20 minutes drive from the nearby southwestern Uganda town of Kisoro.

To reach Lake Mutanda from Kampala, it takes about 8-9 hours drive, about 1.5 hours drive from Kabale town and 30 minutes drive from the Uganda-Rwanda border of Cyanika. The lake has the perfect natural location since it lies at the periphery of Bwindi and Mgahinga gorilla national parks, which are home to the engendered mountain gorillas.

Many travelers who visit the region for mountain gorilla trekking end-up adding a day or two to their itinerary to explore the beauty of Lake Mutanda. So it is the perfect time to try a Uganda canoe trip for sunrise or sunset canoeing at Lake Mutanda.

Price Includes

  • Guide
  • Activity fee (Canoe and equipment)
  • Transport from Kisoro town

Price Excludes

  1. Meals and other costs not listed here

What to expect

Visiting Lake Mutanda is a ‘must-do’ activity to complement the gorilla trekking experience in Bwindi National Park. Lake Mutanda is a half distance between Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and the southern section of Bwindi National Park.

In many ways, Lake Mutanda is similar to the famous Lake Bunyonyi, but Lake Mutanda is a hidden gem in the hills of Kisoro. Ecotourism around Lake Mutanda is still underdeveloped, which gives visitors a unique experience of the Lake Mutanda ecosystem.

The sunrise or sunset canoeing at Lake Mutanda start in Kisoro town. We will pick you up from your lodge and drive for 20 minutes to the south shores of Lake Mutanda at Mutanda Eco Community Centre. Then, we will jump on a canoe (alternatively boat with engine available) and paddle through the lake waters to the ‘punishment island.’

As the name goes, the punishment island is where young women get pregnant before marriage was left to die. As harsh as it sounds, this tradition used to happened until almost 60 years ago. On the Uganda canoe trip, you will indulge in some birdwatching and viewing otters.

There are fantastic views of the Virunga mountain range, in the border area of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. After the Uganda canoe trip, return to Mutanda Eco Community Centre for lunch.

Note that the visit to the punishment island is only possible with the sunrise canoeing at Lake Mutanda. For the sunset canoe trek, the main activities at the lake are canoeing, bird watching, and otter viewing.


Uganda canoe trip: Sunrise or sunset canoeing at Lake Mutanda: From £30 to £60 for 4 hours

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