Try scuba diving in Tenerife: Beginner dive experience in Adeje

Try scuba diving in Tenerife where Atlantic green turtles live! This beginner dive experience in Adeje explores the coast of Southern Tenerife near Los Cristianos.

Scuba Diving
2 hours
€65 to 65
Try scuba diving in Tenerife: Beginner dive experience in Adeje

Have you ever wanted to try scuba diving in Tenerife but not got time to do the course? Or want to give it a go before you commit to the PADI Open Water.

Do a dive with us where we will only explain the basics and you will not need to do anything else, we will take you with our boat to a place where there are Atlantic green turtles who are very friendly and can easily get very close to you.
in the same place we also have a few types of rays that come by and much more!

The Beginner dive experience in Adeje is for one of our instructor to take up to 2 people down at the same time they will show you how to dive and be with you during the entire time to ensure you are having the greatest time you possibly can!

On our way to and from the spot there is also a large possibility to see dolphins, flying fish and of course a turtle surfacing! (Remember the animals are wild so we cannot guarantee that they will be there 100%)

Price Includes

  • insurance
  • water and muffins
  • padi instructor
  • boat trip
  • full necessary gear

Price Excludes

  1. Photos taken during the trip

What to expect

At the start of this beginner dive experience in Adeje you come to our school at the given times and you will have to fill in some paperwork about yourself. We will then explain you the basics of what you´ll need to do like how to breath, equalise, tell if you have a problem and little more.

After the briefing we will get you dressed into a wetsuit and will give you a pair of fins, this all takes roughly 30 minutes. Once this is done we will go to our boat which is about a 2 min walk from our center.

We have now officially set off to try scuba diving in Tenerife! The boat will take us past the coast to a place not far from us its about 15 minutes on the boat.

Once we get to the site you will be able to go snorkeling while the instructors prepare your gear, once its ready they will dress you in the water so you dont have to carry anything heavy. When you are strapped in the instructor will go over the briefing again to make sure you understood and you will then submerge for roughly 25-30 minutes.

Your instructor will also take photos which you will be able to see back at the reception, we stay at the site roughly an hour.


Try scuba diving in Tenerife: Beginner dive experience in Adeje: From €65 to €65 for 2 hours

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€65 to €65 2 hours
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