Tandem Wingsuit Skydive in Interlaken, Switzerland

Experience the unparalleled by taking on the inaugural Tandem Wingsuit skydive in Interlaken, Switzerland.

3 hours
CHF7,500 to 7,500

Experience the unparalleled by taking on the inaugural Tandem Wingsuit skydive in Interlaken, Switzerland. Sail through the skies for up to 3km over the awe-inspiring Swiss landscapes, reaching exhilarating speeds of 250km/h. This is far more than a conventional skydive – it’s an indelible Tandem Wingsuit escapade that stands apart, situated in the extraordinary locale of Lauterbrunnen.

Safety takes precedence with our accredited pilots and cutting-edge equipment. Open to individuals aged 12 and above, in good general health. Eager to secure your pulse-quickening Tandem Wingsuit flight adventure in Switzerland? Get in touch with us today. Unbelievable tales of excitement await!

The team of Skyvibration is coming from France just for you. Please be aware you should have 3 days time for them to find the best weather day, so organice it early enough!

To make a reservation or obtain detailed information, kindly click on the “inquiry” button, and we will be delighted to provide you with further details.

Price Includes

  • Free pick up and drop off near Interlaken
  • Free parking

Price Excludes

  1. Food and drinks

What to expect

Tandem wingsuit skydive in Interlaken, Switzerland: How it works.

Embarking on your Tandem Wingsuit adventure in Interlaken begins with an easy-to-follow briefing and training, preparing you for the thrilling experience ahead. Guided by your certified instructor, you’ll ascend in a helicopter to ⁓17,000/18,000ft(⁓5,000/5,500m).

Once at height, it’s time to take the exhilarating leap. Securely attached to your instructor in the wingsuit, you’ll take the plunge, embarking on a skydive that’s unlike any other. Feel the rush as you glide through the sky, reaching speeds up to 250km/h and covering up to 3km in distance during your freefall, which lasts between 1-2 unforgettable minutes.

When the parachute deploys, the tempo shifts. Enjoy a peaceful, scenic canopy flight over the spectacular Swiss landscapes as you gradually descend back to the ground, absorbing the stunning views all around you. The Tandem Wingsuit experience in Switzerland is indeed a unique journey across the Swiss Alps, a once-in-a-lifetime thrill that leaves you with an indelible memory and a fantastic story to tell.

Please note that you’ll need to set aside 3 days for this experience. The skydives are organized by Skyvibration, and to ensure you have the most exceptional experience, a dedicated crew of three individuals will be flying in from France specifically for your jump. This allows us to select the optimal weather conditions for your jump, necessitating a duration of three days for your adventure.

Duration: 3 days
Rating: One of the only available Worldwide!
Jump Height: 17'000/18'000ft (5000/5500m)
Minimum Age: Under 18 years consent from parent is required
Guest Height: 185cm / 72" Max.
Guest Weight: 40 to 85 Kg / 88 to 187 lbs
Availability: on request only
Capacity: 4


Tandem Wingsuit Skydive in Interlaken, Switzerland: From CHF7,500 to CHF7,500 for 3 hours

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CHF7,500 to CHF7,500 3 hours
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