Santo Antao Island 4×4 Full Day Tour in Cape Verde

Experience the breathtaking beauty of Santo Antão Island, Cape Verde, with our 4x4 full-day tour and immerse in its rich culture.

9 hours
€100 to 150
Cape Verde
Santo Antao Island 4×4 Full Day Tour in Cape Verde

Embark on a 4×4 full day tour through the rugged beauty and cultural richness of Santo Antao Island in Cape Verde. From the moment you step off the ferry from Sao Vicente, you’ll be immersed in a world of stunning landscapes, vibrant communities, and historical wonders. Get ready for a full day of exploration as we traverse the island’s most breathtaking sites and hidden gems.

Our adventure begins with a scenic ferry ride from Sao Vicente to Santo Antao, offering panoramic views of the turquoise Atlantic waters and distant volcanic peaks. As we approach the island, the imposing cliffs and lush valleys of Santo Antao come into view, setting the stage for an extraordinary day ahead.

Price Includes

  • Ferry-boat tickets IN/OUT
  • Private Car with petrol and Good A/C
  • English/French Speaking Driver
  • Lunch Capverdean Food

Price Excludes

  1. Breakfast
  2. All Drinks
  3. Liability and personal accidents Insurance

What to expect

Santo Antao Island 4x4 full day tour in Cape Verde itinerary:

• Ferry Ride from Sao Vicente: Enjoy a scenic journey across the sparkling waters of the Atlantic Ocean as you make your way to Santo Antao Island.
• Route of Corda: Start your tour with a breathtaking drive along the iconic Route of Corda, a winding mountain road offering stunning panoramic views of the island's rugged terrain and lush valleys.
• Cova Crater: Explore the majestic Cova Crater, a natural wonder formed by volcanic activity. Marvel at the vast expanse of the crater and learn about its geological significance from your knowledgeable guide.

• Ponta do Sol and Fontainhas Village: Continue your journey to Ponta do Sol, a picturesque coastal town famous for its colorful buildings and lively waterfront. Visit the nearby village of Fontainhas, perched on the cliffs overlooking the ocean, and admire the stunning views.
• Ribeira Grande: Discover the historic town of Ribeira Grande, the largest settlement on Santo Antao Island. Explore its colonial-era architecture, bustling markets, and vibrant cultural scene.
• Paul Valley: Journey through the scenic Paul Valley, known for its fertile agricultural land and terraced fields. Learn about the traditional farming practices and sample fresh local produce along the way.

• Return to Porto Novo: Conclude your tour with a return drive to Porto Novo, where you'll catch the ferry back to Mindelo. Reflect on the day's adventures as you sail across the shimmering waters, taking in the beauty of Santo Antao Island one last time.
Embark on this unforgettable journey through Santo Antao Island, where every twist and turn reveals a new facet of its natural beauty and cultural heritage.


Santo Antao Island 4×4 Full Day Tour in Cape Verde: From €100 to €150 for 9 hours

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