Rovaniemi Midnight Sun hiking experience in Finnish Lapland

Enjoy a relaxing experience under the sun that never sets with the Rovaniemi Midnight Sun hiking experience in Finnish Lapland.

3 hours
€52 to 70

Come and experience the delightful beauty of the Midnight Sun with us on the Rovaniemi Midnight Sun hiking experience in Finnish Lapland! The pure and untouched landscapes of the Arctic are highlighted by fantastic natural phenomenon all year round. From Autumn to Spring, the famous Northern Lights draw their green and red arches across the starry skies. In summer, the sun never sets and shines all day and all night – this is the Midnight Sun! After a long dark winter with snow on the ground for over 6 months, the land, vegetation and animals finally have an opportunity to replenish their energy levels and relax with the abundance of life that the 24-hour sun brings with it.

In all our excursions, our groups are limited to 8 travelers maximum. It is very important for us to provide you with the best experience as possible, and avoid mass tourism. This way, your guide will know you better and will be able to address all your needs and answer your questions. As we usually say – the smaller the group, the bigger the experience!

Additional information

The tour is seasonal – from mid-May to August. We require at least 2 participants. The tour may be adapted, or cancelled, due to weather conditions. Please note however that the tour will be operating even if the sky is cloudy, unless the weather conditions are unsafe. Not recommended for participants with heart complaints or other serious medical conditions. Please note that a small amount of walking is involved. And don\’t forget your camera!

Price Includes

  • Experienced outdoor guide
  • Finnish snack and hot drinks
  • Mosquito nets (if needed)
  • All taxes
  • Transfers to/from your hotel for hotels outside the city center

Price Excludes

  1. Flight tickets
  2. Accommodation

What to expect

Depending on your physical ability, your experienced outdoor guide will take you to a hilltop, lakeside shores or riverbanks to enjoy the spectacular warm lights of the never-setting sun, with some typical Finnish snack cooked on an open fire. This is a good moment for your guide to show you how to build and lit a fire (without matches or lighter!) using a flint & steel. They will also explain you more about Lapland, life in the Arctic, and the phenomenon of the Midnight Sun in relation to the Arctic Circle, where Rovaniemi is located. This tour is intended to be relaxing and educative. Your guide will happily share their knowledge and passion with you, and will answer all your questions... so feel free to ask!

The Rovaniemi Midnight Sun hiking experience in Finnish Lapland may also offer you some other great atmospheric optical phenomenon to observe such as sundogs, circumzenithal arcs and other halos created by the sun. The Midnight Sun phenomenon and its warm rays are also a great opportunity for those of you who are photography enthusiasts, so do not forget to bring your camera along to capture the beautiful colours of nature!


Rovaniemi Midnight Sun hiking experience in Finnish Lapland: From €52 to €70 for 3 hours

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€52 to €70 3 hours
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