Private Kiteboarding Course: Turks and Caicos Islands Kiteboarding

This private kiteboarding course is 1 to 1 tuition.  For beginners to advanced this a great way to experience Turks and Caicos Islands Kiteboarding

2 hours
$175 to 350
Turks & Caicos

This private kiteboarding course is 1 to 1 tuition.  For beginners to advanced this a great way to experience Turks and Caicos Islands Kiteboarding

If you are already kiteboarding or you are just looking for a more personalised kiteboarding experience, our private kiteboarding lessons are the course for you! These are customised kiteboarding lessons one-on-one with our instructor to fit your needs. It might be Just what you need to take your kiting to the next level. This allows our instructors to adapt our teaching style to your learning style.

Regardless of your skill level, the price is the same, $175.00/hr. If you are a beginner, we suggest you look at our two Volume Discount Packages/Camps. They can be booked as private lessons but are bundled in 10-15hr packages at a discounted price.

If you have any previous experience with power kites or have taken kiteboarding lessons, private lessons are the best choice for you!

If you are a total beginner and just prefer to have a private experience than this is the best choice for you.

kiteboarding school in Turks and Caicos – Kiteboarding lessons Private Kite lessons can be for any skill level, but are strongly suggested for any lesson beyond the first lesson. Each private lesson is a customized experience that is just right for you!

Some students prefer the one-on-one attention. These kiteboarding lessons are customized to fit your specific needs. This allows our instructors to adapt our teaching style to your learning style

Private lessons are also perfect for your progression or to learn a more advanced discipline of kiteboarding like Hydrofoil boards! Realize our instructors are not only PASA certified instructors training in communication, but are top level kiteboarders. They combine these skills to create a learning pathway for you to break down complex things into a step-by-step progression for you.

Price Includes

  • All the gear and the local taxes

Price Excludes

  1. Nothing is excluded

What to expect

WHY CHOOSE KITEPROVO for your private kiteboarding course?

Established in 2006, Kite Provo is the Turks and Caicos first and largest kiteboarding school.
More importantly, “Our Instructors Make the Difference!”

Long Bay Beach boasts the best learning conditions in the world. However perfect conditions are not enough, you need the best instructors, gear, teaching methodology, and proven lesson plans. Be confident that with Kite Provo, we provide the best lesson experience possible!

With 9 PASA certified instructors teaching thousands of lessons a year, WE KNOW KITEBOARDING. We were pioneers in building the kiteboarding scene here and offer many reasons to plan your kiteboarding experience with Kite Provo:

Our location offers the best kiteboarding conditions, the shallowest water and widest beach on Long Bay.
Our instructors are passionate and take a personal interest in your success!
Best trained instructors in the industry!
Most experience in the industry, the owner, Chris, actually pioneered the teaching methodology since the beginning of the sport itself!
Our lesson plans have been perfected since 1998 and are professional, well thought out, and proven to work!
Our lesson and rental equipment is state-of-the art! Only the newest gear!
Our reservations and communication is prompt and professional
Bluetooth radio communication systems so we offer just the instruction you need at that precise moment!
Full watercraft support for lessons – the only school to offer both a jet ski and a boat!

This course can be for ANY skill level since it is a private lesson.

At Kite Provo – Our Instructors Make the Difference!
We have assembled an amazing team of instructors
When you choose Kite Provo, you are getting instructors that

taking a personal interest in your success in each and every lesson,
are training in the art of communication
are top level kiteboarders.
Our instructors have a passion for the sport, but they also have a passion for instruction.

We take a personal interest in the success of each and every student.

Our team is friendly and always available on the beach to assist you. We care about you.

Kite Provo instructors are also Top Level Kiteboarders. Many of our instructors are also sponsored professional riders. Be sure to check out their profiles.

The Kite Provo Teaching Location – Learn in Paradise

Locations – Kite Provo has two locations on Long Bay Beach and we have the shallowest water and the widest beach of anywhere on Long Bay!

Flat shallow waters – Kite Provo lessons are taught in waist deep waters so you can stand (and rarely have to swim).

10 month wind season – Long Bay’s kite beach wind conditions are ideal with a side onshore wind. We average over 90% kiteable days from Nov-August. Check out the Kite Provo wind station we had installed and you can see the wind statistics from the past 4 years at the bottom of this page!

Super stable wind – Smooth winds because they are unobstructed from the ocean. Very little gusts aid in your progression.

Long Bay’s kiteboarding beach is the powder of the ski world.
Kite Provo Teaching and Rental Equipment

State-of-the-art teaching and rental equipment!
At KiteProvo, we invest thousands of dollars every month to assure that you always have the best brand new kites and boards. This assure that you always have just enough kite power for your skill level and the current conditions while always using the most safe and and modern equipment on the market.

This goes a long way while learning and allows you to maximize each minute of lesson time while never being overpowered.

Having the right tools to use for each individual student is part of our success.

Radio Communication System
State-of-the-art radio communication helmets
Allows you to receive the needed information promptly during our lessons, even when away from your instructor.
We can communicate with you in a relaxing manner while demonstrating various skills to pinpoint the kite, board, and body movements without having to yell across the water to you.
Take your kiteboarding to the next level more efficiently with Kite Provo instructors and our radio communication helmets.

Kite Provo is the first kiteboarding school in Turks and Caicos - Kiteboarding lessons
Watercraft Support Used for Lessons and Supervised Rentals
Kite Provo has a jet ski/waverunner and a boat to support you during lessons and offer other services. We are the only school in Turks and Caicos to offer both a jet ski and a boat! Kite Provo organizes your lessons beginner lessons at low tide to ensure you can stand and walk when needed. We even teach the skills needed for you to learn to handle yourself without watercraft. However, we also do use watercraft to take you upwind and keep you a safe distance from the shore.


Private Kiteboarding Course: Turks and Caicos Islands Kiteboarding: From $175 to $350 for 2 hours

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$175 to $350 2 hours
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