Pohatu penguin tour: Banks Peninsula evening safari experience

Observe penguins in the wild on this Banks Peninsula evening safari experience. The Pohatu penguin tour is for people who wish to take part in our monitoring program

3 hours
NZD85 to 85
Pohatu penguin tour: Banks Peninsula evening safari experience

The Pohatu penguin tour begins with a stunning scenic drive from our office in Akaroa by 4WD minibus. Passing over Akaroa extinct volcano crater rim you will discover the tranquil beauty of Pohatu bay.

Once in the bay you will set off for a walk and talk around the colony to monitor nesting sites and make sure that our Little Penguins are doing well. You will be able to see them up close and learn about their behaviors and how our 30+ years of conservation efforts have saved the Flea bay colony from extinction.

Then, you will have the opportunity to spot the penguins undisturbed from our hides, socializing on the water with our binoculars and our telescope and at dusk a very high likelihood of some returning to shore. The Banks Peninsula evening safari experience departs before it gets to dark and leave it for the penguins to do their thing without us in their way.

From December to February we sometimes have penguins in care and you may have the chance to see some of our caring work such as supplemental feedings and releases.

Price Includes

  • Binoculars to share, camouflage gear

Price Excludes

  1. Dinner

What to expect

This Banks Peninsula evening safari experience begins with a scenic drive to and from Pohatu bay and marine reserve to were the penguins are. There are photo opportunities along the way and commentary about the rich history of Akaroa, New Zealand's french village.

You will be taken on a short walk to talk about the conservation work and help monitoring penguin nesting boxes (1 meter away from the birds). Then, once settled in hides, with binoculars and scope you will have the opportunity of watching penguins socialising on the water.

The darker it will gets and the more likely you will be to find penguins coming ashore under the hides (10 to 20 meters away).

The departure time for the  Pohatu penguin tour changes due to the time of sunset. So please get in touch.


Pohatu penguin tour: Banks Peninsula evening safari experience: From NZD85 to NZD85 for 3 hours

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