Ocean Safari Experience in Mozambique

Travel by boat to search for the spectacular whale sharks, manta rays, and dolphins on this ocean safari experience in Mozambique.

3 hours
$38 to 190
Ocean Safari Experience in Mozambique

Enjoy a unique ocean safari experience in Mozambique!

You will join a group on our semi rigid pontoon boat and together with a skipper and an experienced guide will travel along the coastline in search of aquatic animals. Some like the dolphins and, during the winter months, humpback whales breach the water in order to breathe and have fun. These animals are relatively easy to spot and photograph. Sometimes they put on a spectacular show!

However, the bucket list animals are a bit more difficult to spot. These are the whale sharks and manta rays that travel passed the Peninsula. We know which spots have a strong upwelling of nutrient rich plankton, this is where we find them, but you need an experienced eye to spot them! Once they are found, those of you who are brave enough will get the opportunity to snorkel with these amazing creatures.

Even if no animals are found, you still experience a great day on the water and will be given the opportunity to snorkel on our house reef on the way back to land.

Price Includes

  • Use of snorkelling gear

Price Excludes

  1. Snacks and drinks

What to expect

Ocean Safari Experience in Mozambique: Itinerary

On arrival you will be offered and fitted with snorkelling gear, but you are welcome to bring you own if you prefer. Once everyone is kitted, we will travel to the beach by truck. Here everyone will help to launch the semi-rigid rubber duck through the waves. This will get the adrenalin pumping!

From there it is easy sailing while you relax on the pontoons. The skipper and guide will start to search for the various animals. When an animal is found, the guide will make a decision whether or not it is safe to snorkel with it. On finding a whale shark, the boat will move in front of the animal, and you will be advised to slide gently into the deep water (about 20m deep) in order to snorkel with it. Be prepared to be in absolute awe!

After 2 hours the boat will start its return journey. if the group wants to, they will be given the opportunity to snorkel with the reef fish on the Barra home reef which is about 5m deep before returning to shore.


Ocean Safari Experience in Mozambique: From $38 to $190 for 3 hours

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$38 to $190 3 hours
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