Nile River Full-Day Cycling Experience in Uganda

Cycle along the Nile River on this full-day cycling experience in Uganda!

1 days
$99 to 130

Embark on a Nile River full-day cycling experience in Uganda!

They call Uganda the “pearl of Africa”. And the waterfalls of the Nile River have been given the synonym “hidden jewel”. This seems to be true, especially in the morning or evening dawn. The Nile Sport Safari team are pearl divers. We open pearl shells given by nature to you in every possible way. By water and by land. We invite you, like pearl oysters, to step out of your comfort zone and dive with us for this beauty with a fair amount of sweat.

When it comes to cycling, Uganda is an Eldorado for MTB and gravel cyclists. But riding a bike along banks of River Nile is something outstanding. Red dirt of Uganda will take you through another life of “hiperlocal” adventures on intricately woven dirt village roads, pine forests, sugarcane, pineapple, cassava and banana plantations, fishing artels and of course the magnificent natural monument — River Nile itself in which gentle waters you can treat yourself to a dip at many places, but not in the falls of course. Ah, falls… We will see all major falls of River Nile: Itanda, Busowoko and Bubugo!

Price Includes

  • Cycling ride with a professional local coach/guide
  • Mineral water
  • Bicycle for rent
  • Transfer from Jinja to a starting point and from a finishing point back to Jinja (picking up from other points are also possible upon an agreement)
  • 24-hours support from a team
  • Breakfast or lunch
  • Free photography
  • Sightseing fees

Price Excludes

  1. Air tickets
  2. Accommodation
  3. Alcoholic drinks

What to expect

Nile River full-day cycling experience in Uganda: More information.

The classic among middle-distance cycle paths is from Bujagali to Itanda Falls, the most powerful steep cascade roaring waterfall on the majestic River Nile, the water is estimated at 100 meters deep. Whirlpools can drag one down 50 meters, according to journals kept by rafters, before letting go. Sharp rocks and the rocket-like current can trap even the most experienced. It's considered a sacred place by the locals, who pray for healing from the area. These magnificent Itanda falls gives you a picture of what it would look like if the full force of the Nile river waters was unleashed. Standing close but not too close to the side, the waters gush by you with a powerful force, and the sound of the rushing river can be heard from a few miles away. The estimated distance is 30-50 km, including radial roads and paths.

The long-distance path will take us on fisherman boats on other side of the Nile after Itanda gorge, crossing therefore the border from Busoga to Buganda kingdoms. Here in front of Kalagala rapid we will stay for a lunch at the lawn with the stunning view over the gorge. We will find this side more deserted and hilly, finishing above Flamingo wave right after Bujagali and crossing the river again. The estimated distance is 70-80 km., including radial roads and paths.


Nile River Full-Day Cycling Experience in Uganda: From $99 to $130 for 1 days

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