Night kayaking in Barcombe Mills: East Sussex kayak adventure

Explore the countryside on a unique Kent or East Sussex kayak adventure. Night kayaking in Barcombe Mills (or elsewhere) is a leisurely paddle, learning techniques.

3 hours
£50 to 50

Head out after sunset for a spot of night kayaking in Barcombe Mills and other great spots! Who needs the sun in the sky when you can take a gentle moonlit paddle on some lovely Kent or East Sussex kayak adventure. There are river routes in Kent and East Sussex, with a qualified kayak instructor to guide you.

Sounds a bit bonkers go kayaking at night doesn’t it? How will you see where you’re going? What’s the point in paddling at night-time if there’s nothing to look at? That’s where this unique experience might surprise you…

The first thing you’ll learn is that the human eye actually adapts quite well to seeing in the dark when there’s no artificial light around. Within about 45 seconds your eyes will adjust to the lack of sun light. Whilst you might not be as sharp as an owl hunting their prey, you will be surprised how much you can see under the cover of darkness.

We should also point out that no previous experience is necessary for these night kayaking experiences. You’ll meet just before sunset, giving you enough time to learn the basics of getting into the kayak, launching and paddling in a straight line. Then once night falls, you’re off.

So now you’re on water after dark. And this is the moment you realise it’s totally magical. The only sound you can hear (apart from the friendly chatter of kayakers) is the sound of the paddle in the water. It’s blissful. You might pass sleeping swans and ducks with their heads tucked into the feathers having a nap. Other animals, like owls and fixes might just be stirring, ready for a night’s hunting.

The Night kayaking in Barcombe Mills itinerary all planned out for you. Plus of course the kayak, spray skirt, buoyancy aid and paddle are all provided for you. We\’ll head to a thoroughly lovely setting on carefully chosen sections of river for an exciting Kent or East Sussex kayak adventure. We think you might take to night kayaking like a duck to water with night-vision goggles!

Price Includes

  • Price is per person
  • Safety equipment
  • Expert tuition

Price Excludes

  1. Drinks at the Pub

What to expect

We’ll meet the group  for this Sussex kayak adventure in the Barcombe Mills carpark. Great news is it’s free parking.

We'll get you kitted out with your safety equipment, we’ll send you a recommended kit list prior to the night kayaking so you can come prepared.
Once the whole party is ready to go, we'll wander over to the river ready for launch.

Led by our qualified instructors, you will head up the river; this trip offers something for beginners, families and groups of friends. We'll discuss basic paddling technique, local flora and fauna, star constellations and if open we might be able to visit a pub on the river!

The entire night kayaking in Barcombe Mills experience will last for approximately 2-3 hours, though this will differ depending on group size.


Night kayaking in Barcombe Mills: East Sussex kayak adventure: From £50 to £50 for 3 hours

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£50 to £50 3 hours
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